Issue 5 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 5 2023 17 but his impact as the Most Influential Export & Investment Consultancy CEO 2023 is unparalleled. Alexander has a wealth of strategy and management consulting experience stemming from decades of involvement in the trade. His insightful consulting skills ensure he always stays on top of his game, which inevitably guarantees a better future for all of HGMC’s clients. Taking on each project as though it were his own, Alexander nurtures his client’s plan and transforms it so that their idea can become reality. Working in industrial investment and innovation management and international business and technology development for so many years has given Alexander a head start on the competition, making him a fantastic option if you are looking for an expert and an executive who is fully focused on understanding the trends and requirements within various investment and technology markets to ensure his clients’ success. Alexander’s strategic economic development and management consulting skills have allowed him to make a name for himself, but his interpersonal and executive coaching skills make him truly unique as a CEO. Guiding his team and clients to success every day, Alexander’s leadership skills mimic his executive coaching approach and his personal philosophy, ensuring everyone feels seen and heard. People celebrate Alexander’s leadership qualities and appreciate his deep experience. As just one shining example, Eugene Kritski, VP at GlobeScan Inc., said in his LinkedIn reference for Alexander, “I had a pleasure working with Dr. Alexander Karapetov on a couple of developmental projects. He showed himself as one of the most impressive executives I have ever worked with. His strategic and creative way of thinking is coupled with rich international experience in business consulting, export development and international investments. He has a first-hand knowledge of many international markets in Europe and Asia and is a great networker and negotiator. He possesses an outstanding ability to combine a solid business intelligence and translate it into effective and wellbalanced decisions and practical actions. Alexander is a talented and very reliable partner.” It is Alexander’s dedication to stellar teamwork and his continual professional and personal development, which make him a fantastic asset to any team he is part of. Alexander has now been recognised for his dedicated leadership and irreplaceable presence within HGMC. Going forward, HGMC is set on its upward trajectory. Reliably acting as a strong, sturdy, and results-driven consulting firm with its feet firmly on the ground, HGM Consulting is a consultancy firm that will always bring success to its clients and business partners. Contact: Dr. Alexander S. Karapetov Company: HGM Consulting (Canada) Web: Broad knowledge of various markets within and outside North America, access to strategic business intelligence and to top-notch business professionals, expertise in export promotion, investment attraction and innovation enhancement, all distinguish HGM Consulting and make up the foundation for its clients’ success. “ “ HGM Consulting is always interested in extending its horizons and is flexible in adapting to the needs of its clients. The company wants to thank all existing partners and invite those who can benefit from its assistance to reach out! “ “