Issue 5 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 5 2023 10 Mar23232 Headquartered in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Melton Building Society is dedicated to offering various mortgage products, savings accounts, and financial services products to assist customers in achieving their homeownership and financial objectives. Melton Building Society is recognised for its unwavering commitment to customer service and its ability to provide personalised, flexible, and efficient service to its members. Simon Taylor is CEO, responsible for developing and implementing the Society’s strategic plan, fostering a positive and inclusive culture, and supporting employees’ growth. He is in charge of balancing the interests of savers and borrowers in today’s Melton Building Society is a mutual Society that has been providing specialised mortgage lending and savings services since its founding in 1875. We spoke to the company’s CEO, Simon Taylor to discover how he has come to be recognised as the Most Influential Mortgage & Saving Products CEO 2023 – UK. challenging environment of rising living costs and interest rates. In addition, he leads the executive team in executing the Society’s mission and operating in the best interests of its members, who are its ultimate owners. Simon’s leadership style as CEO of Melton Building Society is characterised by his dedication to challenging work and his desire to effect meaningful change. He focuses on enhancing and improving business operations rather than settling for the status quo. What’s more, Simon is peoplecentric in his leadership style, believing that the key to bringing out the best in employees is empowering them to make decisions and generate new ideas in a supportive and collaborative environment. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, leading to improved performance and a sense of engagement among the workforce. As he has progressed through his career, Simon’s leadership style has adapted to his various roles, from leading teams to managing departments, regions, and now the Building Society. His breadth of skills and experience enables him to lead his team confidently and effectively, promoting a culture of innovation, inclusion, and growth. Melton Building Society works with a unique set of customers distinct from traditional banks. As a mutual Society, the Society is owned by its members, with borrowers and savers becoming members when they open an account or take out a mortgage. Unlike PLC banks, whose primary responsibility is to serve their shareholders, Melton Building Society’s primary obligation is to operate in the best interests of its members. As a local Building Society based in Melton Mowbray, the Society recognises its responsibility to the community and strives to understand the needs of its members while providing support through its branches on the high street, via phone, post or online channels. Through its in-depth understanding of the local area, Melton Building Society has become a trusted source of assistance and advice for members seeking financial guidance. The Society’s purpose is to “build thriving communities”. It works hard to achieve this goal by serving its members and being there for the community. Looking forward, Simon’s future at Melton Building Society looks bright as he strives for personal and professional growth in his role as CEO. With a supportive and ambitious Board that shares his passion for the Society, Simon is encouraged to continue developing himself and his career, always seeking new opportunities to stretch and challenge himself. As a passionate advocate of continuous personal development and learning, Simon is committed to being a better leader daily. He draws inspiration and knowledge from his Executive colleagues and team members. His dedication to ongoing self-improvement and his leadership abilities position him well for continued success in his current role and potentially future opportunities. Ultimately, Simon’s future looks promising as a leader who values personal growth and development. He will continue significantly contributing to Melton Building Society and the broader financial services industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and the continued success he will achieve in his role and the industry. Contact: Rachel Kolebuk Company: Melton Building Society Web: Innovation, Inclusion, Growth