Issue 5 2021

20 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 5 2021 , Mar21253 Securing Hospitality for the Future Consultation forms the heart of many businesses, allowing experts to drop into different organisations as required to provide vital support when it comes to developing a company. While this approach was how Main Course Associates first started, it soon became clear to CEO Muhammad Asif that it wasn’t the best way of supporting his clients. Mr. Asif has built his business on connecting restaurants, chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs with the intricate world of finance and money. His solutions ensure that they have accurate, timely and defensible financial data whenever they need it. Not only does this ensure that that they have good information to hand, but it means that they can react quickly to it and drive further success. One of the key innovations brought forward by the Main Course Associates team was the implementation of weekly flash reporting. This mini profit and loss account provides relevant Key Performance Indicators for the businesses they work with. Instead of waiting weeks for trends to occur, it’s possible to act on the data that is available immediately. In many ways, this reflects the proactive and adaptable approach that the team has always championed, delving deeper into how to secure success in a way that goes beyond the numbers. In some businesses, it can be difficult to connect the artisan nature of an organisationwith the commercial side that keeps it afloat. Main Course Associates thrives on being a beacon for both sides of the coin. We take a closer look at the firm, and its impressive CEOMuhammad Asif to see how they have achieved such success and why they have been recognised as Most Influential CEO 2021 - London, the United Kingdom. With clients ranging from talented chefs and entrepreneurs who need an injection of business know-how, to overseas investors looking for a foothold in the UK, it’s clear that what Mr Asif has to offer is incredibly appealing. It has allowed Main Course Associates to gain a foothold on an international level, with offices in the UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Finland. Such a strong position has ensured incredible results for this hardworking firm. Much of the success of the firm is down to the work that Mr Asif has undertaken. His leadership style is focused on inspiring others and leading by example, which is by necessity inclusive. He sees the team he has built as an extended family, and it has generated a great response from staff too. Instead of forcing people to follow his orders and demands, he invites them on a journey which allows them to grow and develop at their own pace. As the staff learns, so too does the firm and this education has allowed them to constantly develop their skills. These are lessons which once learned can be applied to a multitude of situations. Mr. Asif’s leadership was crucial during the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 as many in the industry were adversely affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, the resilience that had been built into many of the firm’s portfolio of clients ensured that they were safe during this difficult time. The impressive results from the firm made it clear to many businesses that a strong CFO was vital and has brought the team a great deal of work coming out of this difficult time. When looking at Mr. Asif and his work, it’s impossible not to see it as a journey built around growth and development. Throughout his career as a CEO at Main Course Associates, he has tried to develop new ideas and ways of working that will benefit his clients, his staff and himself. With such an adaptable approach, it’s little wonder that he has achieved such success. Company: Main Course Associates Name: Muhammad Asif Web Address: Email: [email protected]