Issue 4 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2023 11 future of farming. And with such a diverse team complied of engineers, plant scientists, operators and software engineers, you can guarantee you’ll be in the hands of true experts, each as aligned with Vertical Future’s views for our progression as Jamie is. Jamie’s aspirations towards the future of farming are second to none. He’s been able to utilise a fantastic and inspiring method of farming, one that’s able to directly compete with the traditional farming methods that’ve been established for centuries. Astonishingly, he managed to accomplish such a feat in only seven years, with Vertical Future’s inception taking place during 2016. Over those seven years, Jamie has revolutionised farming within the UK, and is still tirelessly guiding our agriculture towards a new age today. With connections within the USA, Europe, Singapore and Southeast Asia, Jamie has become a global spokesman for what vertical farming can do for our planet, as well as us as a species. As a holder of the UK’s ‘Future50’ title, as well as the winner of the PETA Faming Awards 2023, alongside many more, Jamie has established Vertical Future as an impressive alternative to traditional farming. Through utilising our boundless technological advancements, he’s created something truly special in Vertical Future. It acts as a promise to the world that farming can become wholly natural again, and that we should combine our strengths in technology to help this happen. As a result, not only will our crops and produce be able to return to their former glory, but our planet may stand a chance at recovering from the damage that global crop production has caused. Our progression starts with vertical farming, and Vertical Future will be at the forefront of change for the foreseeable future. Contact: Jamie Burrows Company: Vertical Future Web Address: