Issue 4 2019

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2019 9 A SHOT OF CAFFEINE FOR YOUR BUSINESS When it comes to driving brand- led business growth, Caffeine have become increasingly seen as a ‘secret sauce’ for leadership teams. This comes from their experience as accelerators inside businesses but also their expertise as thought- leaders. They recognise the six main areas key to business growth and success are Brand Purpose - this is at the heart of all Caffeine do for clients as well as Organisational Alignment, Internal Brand Engagement, Strategic Planning, Leadership Acceleration and Business Development . Caffeine helps facilitate senior leadership thinking. They understand that brands are more than just logos: they are the fundamental connection between a customer, their custom and the company itself. Good graphic design does not make a brand. It is the collective perception of a company in the mind of the customer. It is also not simply a marketing tool. A brand grows, pivots, and expands in unexpected directions. The key to success lies in harnessing this image and solidifying it into something almost tangible. Something absolute. As such, Caffeine have become the go-to advisors for a number of companies of any size- those looking to bring in a new era of growth and who want to help their leadership teams. The testimonials from their clients speak for themselves - one CEO described Caffeine like this: “I would highly recommend Caffeine. They’ve supported, advised and challenged us as we have developed our strategic plans for growth and our leadership team. They are always stimulating, provocative and very thoughtful. We’ve loved working with them.” CEO, Global Tech Company Like a good cup of coffee they bring stimulation and Sophie as their CEO helps make sure that it’s delivered in an ‘espresso’ format - superfast (without the need of months of endless powerpoint decks) and in a way that gets real results. Company: The Caffeine Partnership Contact: Sophie Devonshire, CEO Website: Email: [email protected]