Issue 4 2019

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2019 7 An Innovative CEO Driving the Future of the Middle East’s Media Market to drive audience engagement in ways that the region has rarely seen. For their clients, Charisma remains a stable and reliable partner, combining its undeniable expertise with a deep local knowledge to deliver best in class content creation. “Charisma looks at what is missing from the market – what there is a demand for – and reaches out to its clients, comprised of some of the most prominent media groups in the Middle East. With our locally-tailored content across a range of genres, and a data-driven approach to content management, Charisma has established a firm track record of market leadership in production.” We also know that the best content is content that travels. This is where TV producers and digital distributers collaborate. For us, that means breaking out of our old mindsets and formats, and delivering content that is just as accessible, insistent, and talkable, whether it’s on your phone or in your car. Maybe it’s building an online chat ecosystem, maybe it’s shorter (or longer!) episodes. Yet, Al Ziyoud is quick to establish that Charisma’s success is the result of a collaborative effort, reinforced by a talented staff. “They are the core of our success. Without these gifted minds and eyes, we won’t be able to deliver what we deliver. Our staff is diverse and highly collaborative. Charisma believes in retaining highly talented people that are eager to grow themselves and grow the company along with the new blood we keep on injecting into the company. Indeed, a lot of the people who have high positions in the Arab media scene have passed through Charisma Group.” As we come to the end of the interview, Al Ziyoud remarks on the key to Charisma’s future, as they look to capitalise on their remarkable market position. “Success will result from maintaining and expanding Charisma’s unique selling position as an unrivalled multimedia Arabic content provider that combines globally competitive technical know-how with unparalleled knowledge of the Arab world. Our scientific and locally-tailored approach guarantees locally relevant content across emerging platforms that engage audiences. “As for Charisma – we plan to diversify beyond the region, and to intensify our efforts vertically in lines of production. There’s undoubtedly an appetite from the consumer to engage directly with our content, so we’re looking at digital transformation, since the customer is our core and we should move closer to approaching them in new ways.” “Inspired by the audience” is our tagline and it is our ethos. Company: Charisma Group Address: Dubai Production Studio City, Dubai, UAE Website: Telephone: +971 4 240 6686