Issue 4 2019

20 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 4 2019 , Technology leader to drive international expansion and product innovation at employee engagement platformcompany. Early Stage Company Tackles the College Admissions Scandal With the recent college admissions scandal continuing to unfold, new evidence sheds light on the gruelling college admissions process, and to what extent parents are willing to go, to get their children admitted to the “right school.” College admissions leader, myKlovr, recognized the problem three years ago, and put together cutting-edge AI technology, thereby leveling the playing field. Offered as a human resources sponsored corporate benefit, myKlovr has solved two issues at once - first, it has allowed companies to attract and retain best of breed employee talent, and second - it has made it possible for corporate employees to provide the luxury of college coaching to their families, either as a company sponsored or a voluntary benefit. Major benefit marketplaces such as Benefitfocus, and some of the largest benefit brokers in the industry, including USI and Lockton, have chomped at the bit to distribute the myKlovr’s revolutionary solution. “As we saw last week, some parents will go to any length, to get their children into a top school, even if it means breaking the law. We do not do it on behalf of the kids; rather, we help them maximize the chances of doing it for themselves” said Gustavo G. Dolfino, founder and CEO of myKlovr. “We believe, every student who aspires to attend college, should have that opportunity, regardless of background and race. We are proud our platform is affordable to families of all walks of life. That is our promise to them. And we provide a money back guarantee.” In addition to using artificial intelligence to provide every college-bound student with personalized guidance, the enhanced college planning platform includes: • A college planning tool, which makes it easier for users to discover, build and refine a college list, and provides college recommendations based on each student’s individual profile; • An enhanced parent portal, designed for parent/student interaction, allowing families to navigate the college planning journey together; • A powerful goal recommendation engine delivering individual insightful recommendations, while tracking ongoing milestones; MyKlovr’s extensive client pipeline, has made college counselling available and affordable to more than three million households, and their children. In addition, the company recently introduced its College Acceptance Promise - a refund of all myKlovr subscription fees, should the student not be admitted to a college from a recommended tier. This revolutionary guarantee is made available by a contractual liability insurance policy issued to myKlovr, by insurance giant AXA.