CEO Monthly Issue 3 2019

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2019 7 A Digital Company Shaping the Future of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail the full price sector; to secure a number of customers in key territories, such as the Middle East.” Further, Coniq plans to utilise artificial intelligence to better find and understand shopping trends in a way that humans never could. It is clear that Coniq’s future is defined by constant refinement and improvement, as they seek to become the definitive tool for modern retail. Finally, on the subject of the challenges facing the retail industry as a whole, Ben talks about how Coniq’s unique position in the market only increases their value in the years to come. “The challenges we are seeing in the retail sector are precisely what makes Coniq’s product even more relevant and an essential part of a centre’s future success; Shopping centres are high-value real estate that are feeling pressure from online competitors, changing consumer habits and structural retail changes.” “Coniq helps malls identify and reward their most valuable customers, building engagement with the centre as a brand, and driving sales. In a competitive landscape, the retail destinations that gain first mover advantage in this space will create considerable value for their investors.” Website: