Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 8 Nov22773 TKK Corporation is an official distributor of factory automation parts and control systems in Thailand. The company imports products from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany, France, and the USA to meet customer requirements across a full range of manufacturing industries. Kanlayanee tells us, “TKK guarantees the provision of reliable products that meet customer requirements. We pay attention to every detail, for both product quality and service, from ordering until you have the product in your hands.” When it comes to expertise in the field of factory automation, there are none more knowledgeable than Kanlayanee Kongsomjit. Founder of the Bangkok-based TKK Corporation (TKK), Kanlayanee has been at the helm of the business since 2004. For over 18 years, she has driven TKK to improve and grow in every direction – and she is our CEO of the Year, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand. TKK’s team of skilled engineers are also on hand to give advice on all aspects of control engineering. Kanlayanee says, “We can help with the design, building, improvement, and development of systems. We want all our clients to get the highest level of satisfaction from the services we provide.” The company bills itself as a one-stop shop for all its clients’ industrial component and factory automation needs. A significant part of that is TKK’s quick and efficient fulfilment of orders. The company has a dedicated fast-delivery system and its technical engineering team are on-hand for emergency orders. And, if clients need more than a helping hand, TKK also delivers training courses. We ask Kanlayanee about TKK’s mission. She explains, “First, our mission is to mentor. We do this by recommending useful alternatives for automation systems and creating solutions that maximise the value to our clients. Second, it’s to develop our distribution channel so that we can fulfil customer demand and grow our sustainable business. Then, we aim to deliver goods and systems that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations every time. And finally, we strive to develop all areas of the business – our products, our service, and our personnel.” In what continues to be an area of rapid development, TKK is leading the way as a supplier of industrial parts andmachinery, power transmission systems, and control equipment. With its affiliate, KSI Solutions, TKK also provides a full range of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions and services. Kanlayanee says, “Smart Factory and Smart Warehouse solutions increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. We have a full range of AGVs and AMRs featuring the latest technology such as LiDAR SLAM.” During the COVID pandemic, in response to shortages of medical staff and equipment, TKK developed an AMR for hospital care services. The company donated robots to hospitals in Thailand to help reduce workload and care for patients. As a result of this innovation, Kanlayanee, an MBA graduate fromMelbourne Business School in Australia, received several notable awards. These include the Thailand Prime Minister’s Award 2022 for Innovation for Crisis and the 2022 Alumni Entrepreneur Award from her former business school. At the award ceremony in Melbourne, Kanlayanee made a point of thanking her parents for the opportunities they gave her. Contact: Kanlayanee Kongsomjit Company: TKK Corporation Web: An Expert in Automation