Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 25 Winners’ Listings Most Influential Translation Agency CEO 2023 - Spain Stephen Whiteley QUICKSILVERTRANSLATE.COM We provide multilingual translation services and desktop publishing solutions. We manage every aspect of the translation process, and can shorten the time-to-market of your translated documents. Most Influential Digital Transformation Support CEO 2023 - Italy Duccio Vitali Alkemy enabling evolution “Founder and CEO of Alkemy since 2012. Alkemy is a Public Company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, leader in Italy for the Digital Transformation, with 1.000 people and 100M€ turnover.” Most Influential Apartment Rental CEO 2023 - Barcelona Ralph Taal Enjoy Holidays SL EnjoyApartments has been a reliable source for booking handpicked short stay accommodations in top cities around Europe. Most Influential Drone Aviation CEO 2023 - Spain Marc Beltran EU Drone Port Most Influential Sustainability Software CEO 2023 - Spain Oriol Pol Bûmerang medium=ceo_article Bumerang is the reusable packaging system leader in Spain. Founded in 2020 their mission is to end with single use habits. Oriol is a circular economy expert, passionate surfer and traveler Most Influential Healthcare CEO 2023 - Île-de-France Julien Delpech Invivox Most Influential E-Sports Computer Games CEO 2023 - Spain Martin Repetto Mokens League