Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 19 India or LA, that can get content out.” Pubity Group soon found itself partnering with TikTok, promoting, and using the platform months before it gained huge popularity during the pandemic. The Pubity Group team were posting videos on TikTok and also sharing these to Instagram to urge people to download TikTok. And that’s not all in terms of collaborations for the company. It has worked with the likes of dating app, Hinge and fitness brand, Gymshark, as well as been working on a new project called No Brainer TV, a platform for original content. Now, Pubity Group has 15 main pages that people might not know are all owned by the same company. Kit and Iyrah are really pushing creating their own content, with Iyrah saying, “We’re making videos with our own inhouse creators who have their own big followings on TikTok, and we’re using them to create cool brands together and make our own content instead of using other people’s.” He continues, “We’ve done some really good stuff. We’ve got the biggest dad jokes brand in the world, and for that, we’ve done a bestselling Amazon book. We’ve done a lot of sports stuff, too. In all these niche areas, we’re trying to create as much original content as we can.” So, what’s next for the behemoth that is Pubity Group? Iyrah shares, “Our next step going into 2023 is to really double down at creating our own original content because we’ve seen really good success over the last six months from creating our own stuff. For example, our video went super viral on TikTok and we gained over 200,000 followers on a brand new page in just two weeks.” There really is no signs of stopping for Kit, Iyrah, and the team, who are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest youth/gen z publishers, and we at CEO Monthly are truly rooting for their continued success. Company: Pubity Group Contact: Andrew Chilvers Email: [email protected] Web: