Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 15 and learning needs analysis (TNA & LNA) processes, as well as delivered outplacement services and works as a HR Director and Head of L&D departments. As a motivational trainer and coach, Lee has worked with high performing individuals at all levels, from CEOs, executive teams, VPs, MDs, to front line staff. He has delivered bespoke training and leadership programmes to graduates through to board level in both national and international organisations. Lee has designed and facilitated team building events, business planning sessions, focus groups, and strategic planning sessions, with a diverse range of clients from the small through to large multi-nationals and even professional bodies. With his trainer hat on, Lee has worked internationally within organisations to deliver certificated programmes and presentation techniques and, finally, as a business adviser, Lee has worked with hundreds of SMEs to improve leadership, management, and HR capabilities to help grow clients’ businesses and ensure legal compliance. Overall, Lee’s passion for enabling others to achieve their goals has been the driving force behind the success of TOOJAYS. “My leadership style has always been one to show respect and humility to the knowledge within the team,” he elaborates, telling us what he believes makes him a successful leader. “Listening to others, gaining understanding from their experiences and coaching development and solutions, as well as effectively empowering others to perform and reach their potential, which in turn benefits the team and company. This is fundamental to the DNA of TOOJAYS and the way we work and engage with clients. Listen, respect, engage, empower.” Despite his exceptional skills as CEO, Lee is also quick to sing the praises of his dedicated workforce, describing his staff as the reason for the company’s overall success. When looking for new talent to join the team, Lee wants a customer-centric mentality, combined with the ability to take the initiative to resolve the customers issues, and a thirst for constant self-improvement. In fact, his dedicated team were behind him and the firm all the way when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the workload dropped off the proverbial cliff. “We had to adapt very quickly – which, credit to the team, we did successfully,” Lee states. “We moved our courses to online delivery via Zoom and webinars, which required a different skillset but enabled us to maintain the high standards of leadership and management development. We also developed our own range of on-demand training. We’ve found post-Covid these approaches live on and whilst we are returning to face-toface training, the remote and on-demand solutions are still very much of the new way of working which supports a hybrid workforce.” This adaption to offering remote solutions was obviously a huge challenge, but the ability of Lee and his staff to be agile served TOOJAYS in great stead, and business is once again booming. Having learned lessons from the pandemic, yet survived to tell the tale, was just one of the reasons that Lee recently gained recognition in the CEO of the Year Awards and was named CEO of the Year 2022 - East of England, UK. Now, as he looks to the future, it seems that the firm will continue to be a fast adaptor of new technology and mediums in order to deliver its leadership and management solutions effectively, with 2023 looking bright when it comes to providing more resources and greater access to its podcasts, YouTube videos, online remote eLearning courses, webinars, and downloadable content. And how does Lee intend to build upon his current success? “I’m always learning, and don’t believe age should be a barrier to that,” he laughs. “I continue to learn new tools, techniques, and processes for the team, and from clients, colleagues, and collaborators. I am sure that will continue into 2023, and as a result, benefit the company.” Contact: Lee Martin Company: TOOJAYS Training & HR Consultancy Ltd Web: