Issue 2 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2023 12 Reaching for the Clouds Technology services company Inmotion exists to help its clients embrace innovation and adapt to the ever-changing technological environment. The company, a Salesforce cloud reseller and Google Cloud partner, is led up by our CEO of the Year 2022 - Dominican Republic, Aida Taveras. We speak with Aida to find out more about What drives her and her plans for the company’s future. igital transformation is Inmotion’s core expertise. Working with clients in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Jamaica, and the USA, the company’s teams have developed strategic partnerships that last way beyond an initial transformation project. And every project begins with a conversation. Aida tells us, “We use agile methodologies. We personalise custom solutions for our clients and accompany them every step of the way as they embrace a more digitised environment. For us to find the best solution for our clients’ needs, it’s essential to understand their goals and what they perceive to be the roots of their biggest challenges.” After initial consultations, Inmotion will design a minimum viable product. Working smartly, Inmotion’s consultants constantly invest in their knowledge about sectors that may be of interest to their clients, allowing us to anticipate needs and opportunities. By seeking out the most relevant, up-to-date digital products the market has to offer. Having led a variety of digital transformation initiatives, Inmotion has become expert at finding innovative tailored solutions to help its clients achieve their goals. We ask Aida to tell us about the company’s mission and values. She says, “Our mission is to be our clients’ top strategic partner. We help them strengthen their business relationships and we contribute to their success in an innovative, reliable, and environmentally sustainable way. Our core values are trust, innovation, growth, and equality. These have been our values since the beginning, and they are still as valid and relevant today.” When it comes to its people, Inmotion values both youth and experience. Aida, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, explains more: “We’re a new company that is willing to explore uncharted territory to meet our customers’ needs. Our team is young and eager to help and learn. But we also have consultants with many years of experience, such as myself. We are all very keen to keep on learning and help our younger teammembers focus their energy in the most appropriate way. We’re not afraid of mistakes because they are lessons. If anything, we are afraid of being stagnant while the world evolves.” Inmotion understands some clients’ hesitancy to make big infrastructure changes. And that is why the company insists on providing guidance, every step of the way. Inmotion recently helped the first fully digital bank in the Dominican Republic roll out a CRM system to provide customers with 24/7 omnichannel communication. A recent venture in the security sector saw Inmotion join forces with the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Defense to implement Google’s AI tools to detect real-time criminal activity. On a similar note, in the healthcare sector, Inmotion has designed a proof of concept for the Dominican Republic’s Emergency Services that should help them transition to a more effective forecasting system and achieve a better allocation of resources. This could potentially shorten the average response time, which is critical to saving lives. Looking to the future, Inmotion plans to stay at the forefront of the industry and is committed to the efficiency and success of its customers by providing tailormade solutions. Inmotion is also helping non-profit organisations improve their processes using Salesforce. The company donates time and services in support of the 1% community pledge. And, in January this year, the company launched Inmotion Academy, a Google and Salesforce training centre that works with Spanish-speaking trainees throughout Latin America. Dec22557 D Aida Taveras, CEO Left to Right: Noelia Rodriguez, Jorge Lama, Aida Taveras, Nivis Almonte, Renzo Ticona, Nathalie Romero Contact: Aida Taveras [email protected] [email protected] Company: Inmotion, S.A.S. Web Address: