Issue 12 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 3 4. News 6. Advisorist®: The Financial Advisor Whisperer 8. Magia Consulting: When Purpose Meets Innovation, a Small Consultancy With a Big Heart 9. PureClarity Ltd: CEO of the Year, 2021 - York, United Kingdom 10. Victorious PR: Reinventing the Wheel, and Reinventing the Business World 11. Roffey Park Institute: The Historical Organisation Teaching Modern Business its New Tricks 12. Support Solutions Hub Ltd: Outstanding Outsourced Customer Support 13. VeriCall Ltd: CEO of the Year, 2021 - London, the United Kingdom 14. Zoom Fibre Pty Ltd: Fostering Innovation 16. Balance Innovation Center LLC: CEO of the Year, 2021 - Kentucky, the USA 18. Genesyze Ltd: Medical Innovation: A Masterclass in Leading from the Front 19. Vivup: A Happy Workplace 20. A-Tech Australia: A Passion For Development 22. OS Studios: High Score For OS Studios 24. Unite Telecoms: Not Just Another Telecoms Company 25. Generation Nw: Marketing the Modern World Contents