Issue 12 2021

18 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Oct21594 Medical Innovation: A Masterclass in Leading from the Front LedbyColetteHamilton, the ‘CEOof theYear, 2021’ forManchester, theUnitedKingdom, Genesyze Ltdhas secured a reputationas the company enabling a fast and effective route tomarket for up- and-comingmedical technologies.Workingwithblue-chipmedical device anddrug companies as well as boldnewstart-ups, thisfirmis ensuring that themedical industry’s push towards further innovationandbreakthroughs is always on theup-and-up. Havingpulled through the pandemic’s most tumultuousmonths, it nowturns towardswhat the future of itsfieldwill hold, looking forward to seeing the challenges andopportunities theupcoming yearswill present. A company working hard to optimise the route to market for medical technologies, Genesyze is helping MedTech companies to reach patients with unmet needs faster. Fundamentally, this means that its clients can satisfy their commercial obligations to investors and shareholders, keeping their innovation pipelines ticking over, whilst keeping up with the demands of their end users. Such practices involve helping its clients to understand the value of their technologies, helping them to navigate barriers to market with ease and sophistication, and avoiding falling into any of the common pitfalls that it so often sees firms encounter, instead establishing the client’s technology as a new standard of care. Right from the beginning, this company has been one interested in investment and pioneering. Its applied, lean thinking keeps it small, flat, and agile, allowing it to pass advantages directly onto the customer as its work is fast and efficient as well as effective, allowing Genesyze to maintain a kind of ‘helicopter vision’, staying close to the ground whilst building enduring relationships within its market segment. Led by exemplary mind in her field Colette Hamilton, this company has benefitted hugely from her clinical background. As CEO, she learned to walk the walk before even taking the position, and now thrives in the role in order to apply her hospital management and healthcare policy development expertise to the work of Genesyze. Additionally, Colette has secured some of the UK’s largest health system modernisation schemes over the years, delivering London’s first satellite community dialysis unit and the nation’s first one-stop cancer diagnostic and treatment centre, both of which have secured her position as a front-runner in the medical field. She left public service in order to join PwCs audit advisory practice and work on performance recovery and clinical process re-engineering, holding down any number of commercial and international business development roles in MedTech before she founded Genesyze in 2005. A qualified Entrepreneurs Circle certified Coach to Business Owners, and having completed Harvard’s Executive Leadership course in Behavioural Economics, she has granted Genesyze a first mover advantage. Having brought her own network to the business, it boasts a wide range of partners and clients, as well as an 80% to 20% distribution amongst its clients of blue-chip medical device or drug companies and start-ups. By ensuring it is consistently serving these clients in the best possible way, it makes track-record implementation and growth its USP, with its staff making up the powerhouse behind its operations at every turn. This, in essence, has helped it respond to the pre- Covid paradigm of a competitive market and the post-Covid epoch of increased demand and urgency, teaching Genesyze valuable lessons in prudence that it has since taken on board to take stock of its company and fix any vulnerabilities. Having cofounded the new MedTech umbrella company, Imperetus, in the summer of this year, it looks forward to using this service delivery vehicle to further bolster its global sales and marketing clout, moving forward towards the bright future that lies ahead for Genesyze and its clients. Company: Genesyze Ltd Contact: Colette Hamilton Website: