Issue 12 2021

10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Reinventing the Wheel, and Reinventing the Business World Victorious PR, led by the dedication and professional prowess of Victoria Kennedy, is a business handling the public representation and business reputation development of entrepreneurs and organisations all over the world. Having secured herself the accreditation of the ‘CEO of the Year’ in 2021 for Nevada, Victoria works with grit and determination in order to bring herself, her business, and her clients into a future that she is helping to shape. Critically, she thinks it’s ‘important to keep reinventing the wheel’, and is excited to begin unveiling the myriad of exciting new projects that are in the pipeline for release in the upcoming year, promising to reimage the traditional world of PR. Victorious PR, an award-winning and full-service firm, is led by award winning business leader Victoria Kennedy. Fundamentally, her work in helping impactful leaders to be seen and heard has made her a favourite business partner for so many professionals in a myriad of different industries, emboldening the influence that each of these people can have over the wider corporate world. Her efforts have won her two Comma Club awards for her strong business acumen and consulting prowess, having built Victorious PR specifically to lead with integrity and help impactful leaders find the right platform and message through which they can have the most impact. Additionally, it helps its clients to apply the best business outreach and client interaction techniques, using the strict core values and principles that make up its beating heart in order to set its customers on the path towards further success. With these values being ones of excellence, honesty, and integrity, Victorious PR as a business aims to carry out everything it does with the same tenacity, diligence, and laser-precision accuracy, allowing clients to benefit from its comprehensive and highly effective services. Within short order, a client will find themselves able to put their best foot forward when trying to reach its peers or market segment. This is what has allowed Victorious PR to cultivate such a reputation for unblemished excellence when working with clients, constantly taking the standards of outstanding service just a notch higher thanks to the hard work of its brilliant and professional team, none of whom are daunted by a challenge. In fact, they are invigorated by such things, and apply their expert training and education when transforming end-client service and media relations for a client’s company. Moreover, at the head of this team, Victoria herself inspires her staff to operate with open communication and open minds, considering the different perspectives and feedback Sep21453 of each member of the team before going ahead with something that would impact the business as a whole. Victoria has a positive approach towards business decisions, taking full responsibility for every decision she makes and maintaining her signature empathy and charisma even when things seem at their most chaotic. Of course, during the past year, this proved pivotal due to the struggles posed by Covid-19, allowing Victorious PR to remain ahead of the curve and maintain its place as a leading digital agency. This has allowed it to retain its credibility as well as the loyalty of top performing 7-8 figure entrepreneurs and businesses all across the world, spanning a number of different industries and always taking the time to get to know a client and their business in a comprehensive manner. Its collaborative method has carved out its place as a bespoke, tailorable, and incredibly indispensable business partner for its clients, continuing to do this as it moves towards the further growth it forecasts for itself in 2022 and beyond. Company: Victorious PR Contact: Victoria Kennedy Website: