Issue 11 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2022 10 Oct22100 DermView is changing the dermatology industry as you know it. It is working hard to transform the antiquated model for dermatology that is used across Ireland and other countries by drastically reducing wait times from several years or months to a matter of days. The company’s main goal was to create a system that fits directly into the global healthcare model of care, which would then allow for direct and rapid communication between the consultant and the GP, and urgent communication between the two. The nurse-led service has been designed to be affordable, easy to use, and rapid to deploy. Working with public state bodies and private hospitals across Ireland, DermView is now making its break into the UK market, offering a range of unique services. It builds and uses its own technology stack across its medical solutions, controlling all aspects of the care and treatment pathways, which DermView has already achieved an abundance of success in the Irish marketplace, becoming one of the leading teledermatology technology providers in the nation. This success has been cultivated by its exceptional team, which is headed by CEO, Eoin O’Reilly. His devotion to the company – to bettering the industry on a whole – has led him to be named CEO of the Year, 2022 - Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. means that it is able to rapidly see large volumes of patients via its own technology. This is, quite simply, the company’s unique selling point, as none of its competitors have yet accomplished this level of autonomy. Eoin O’Reilly, the CEO of DermView, tells us, ‘there are currently 40,000 patients on the public waiting list for dermatology in Ireland. DermView is reducing waiting lists by over 50% per year in hospitals that utilise DermView’s service. Through its proven teledermatology and dermatology model, instead of waiting months or years for a hospital appointment, patients attend a primary care setting (DermView clinic) for their consultation within a week of receiving the referral from the hospital. This has resulted in saved lives and improved patients’ quality of life.’ Indeed, Eoin, an experienced manager, has worked with both services and technology throughout his career, and therefore, he knows how to best develop and implement DermView technologies. He’s achieved a great amount over the years; however, Eoin attributes this success to his team. By hiring great people and letting them shine, providing them with adequate training when needed, and supporting them, he believes that their success then transcends to his success. He adds, ‘the older and wiser one gets, the more they realise to let go of the reigns and let people just do it, understand to grow you can’t micromanage, but hover and view across and spot the gaps and help fill them as needed.’ The team are the heart of the business – without them, there is no DermView – and this is an attitude that is embedded in the fibres of the company. Henceforth, DermView searches for staff members that align with its standards, searching for people who are adaptable, flexible in their thinking, and that know when to pivot. This is imperative. The company has a startup mentality, meaning that – even though it is well past that stage – it prioritises agility and is always looking for new ways to evolve. Of course, the Covid-19 outbreak had an impact on staffing, and the spread initially hampered the company’s growth due to the pressure on the healthcare industry. At first, there was little time to engage with private medical providers, yet it appears that this has reversed and now they need DermView’s capacity and technology to provide long-term support. When asked about how he handles such challenges, Eoin explains, ‘any founder has a big book of challenges and opportunities, everything from funding to staff to customers are part of both challenges and opportunities, however if you can pivot and learn and push forward, the challenges reduce and the opportunities increase.’ It is clear that, under Eoin’s leadership, DermView has a strong and sustainable future ahead. Leveraging its past success within the Irish marketplace, the company is planning on delving into Northern Ireland and the UK over the next year, and it plans to shift gears, moving into a new medical area. DermView is currently predicting at least 50% growth in 2023. For Eoin, he intends to open in two more medical areas, with the even more ambitious goal to introduce the technology into other countries over the next two years whilst doubling the size of the company. Contact: Fiona Dodson Company: DermView Web Address: Dermatology Diagnoses Done Fast