Issue 11 2019

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2019 7 Mihai Ivascu: A CEO Changing the Face of Business will be much easier with the government’s endorsement.” Finally, when it comes to the future of Modex, Mihai offers more insight into the firm’s efforts to expand their product range and solidify their position on this most challenging of environments. “We are a global company. We have clients in North America, Asia, Europe, and we recently entered the Middle East market. Our company is currently evaluated at over 100 million EUR, but we have made it our goal to become the first unicorn blockchain company. In two years we managed to build a blockchain enabling platform which covers every sphere of blockchain adoption. In 2019, we launch our core product - BCDB - and the plan from now one is to expand the blockchain adoption for businesses.” “With blockchain we are experiencing a vast paradigm shift, similar to that presented by the dawn of the internet three decades ago. Blockchain will be like the internet today: we cannot see the internet, but we know that the internet is, to put it simply, doing things. Important things. Crucial things. Allowing us to develop faster, improve, evolve and be -simply- better.” Mihai Ivascu is a serial social impact and technology entrepreneur. As CEO and Founder of London based tech group M3 Holdings he holds the reins to three rapidly growing companies: Moneymailme, a Neo-Banking technology infrastructure provider; M3 Payments – FX management and global payments platform; Modex, the blockchain database company, is valued at over 100 million. M3 Holdings, owner of Modex, Moneymailme and M3 Payments is valued at 250 million Mihai holds an MBA in Innovation Management and is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Business Administration at INSEEC Group with a Thesis on Disruptive FinTech Technologies. Awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 and finalist of Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Mihai is an experienced speaker and entrepreneurship mentor. As an early-stage tech investor and result-driven executive, he holds positions in various tech startups and advisory boards, managing to have a transformational role given his practical expertise. Over the years, Mihai has graduated from various executive training programs from Harvard, MIT, Stanford University, and Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Name: Mihai Ivascu Address: Baba Novac, no 19A, sector 3, Bucharest, 031625, Romania Website: Telephone: +44 7377 872679