Issue 10 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2023 8 Pioneering Lifecycle Management for the Internet of Things RIoT Secure AB is a Stockholm based tech firm who specialise in the secure lifecycle management of the Internet of Things (IoT). It covers all sizes of device, large or small, with an aim to make essential security more accessible to device manufacturers. It’s visionary architect Aaron Ardiri has recently been recognised as the Most Influential CEO 2023 - Sweden (IoT Technology), so we were delighted to have the chance to find out a little more about him and his work. hese days, we live in a world that is interconnected by a myriad of different devices, from smart appliances to connected cars, with many having the built-in ability to connect directly to the Internet. There are also many networks of interrelated devices that connect and exchange data with each other and the cloud. This is the Internet of Things (IoT), and it is obvious that security is a major factor, with many security exploits and vulnerabilities making headlines since their introduction. RIoT Secure AB specialises in lifecycle management for IoT by providing unprecedented security by leveraging the power of a hardware sandbox. It helps clients manage security across Aug23370 T all devices, which might be something they find complex and time-consuming to do alone. RIoT Secure AB can help with a ready to use robust security solution for IoT, that takes into account concerns clients might have about being targeted for malicious purposes. CEO, Aaron Ardiri has a multifaceted role at the company, covering everything from business strategy, financial, and stakeholder management to overviewing the hardware/ software development from conception through to deployment. He focuses on the firm’s key values of innovation, security, and collaboration to help address the complexities of IoT, but also accepts the evolving nature of the business. For example, whereas it used to be innovation as the primary focus, collaboration has become increasingly important as it is vital both for sustained growth and to stay ahead of the curve in technology. Aaron is also cognisant of the fact that the firm is built on deep-rooted relationships. He identifies that he has worked with almost everyone on his team in some capacity, in various roles, over the previous two decades. This understanding and personal knowledge is vital, especially considering the team is geographically dispersed all across the globe. RIoT Secure has had to navigate time zones, cultural differences, and the nuances of remote working long before it became the norm for many businesses. The trust this has engendered over the years has become a glue, holding this rich and complex group together, and is a strength it hopes to pass on as a selfperpetuating cycle to any new team members who come onboard. Considering his leadership style, Aaron sees himself as a fusion between the servant leader and transformational model styles. His overarching approach is to inspire rather than dictate, and empower team members by making sure they are provided with the tools necessary for success. He has been influenced by hands-on experience, working alongside peers and mentors in the industry. In addition, he has also been guided by leadership literature, and perhaps most of all has learnt from real-world interactions. This has combined to lead to Aaron’s flexible and adaptable leadership style. “ Earlier in my career, I favoured a more directive style, particularly in highstakes, fast-paced settings like start-ups. However, as I gained experience and led increasingly diverse teams, I recognised the benefits of a more inclusive and collaborative approach. ” RIoT Secure caters to a diverse range of clients, ranging from hobbyists CEO Aaron Ardiri and co-founder Bjorn de Jounge on-site with customer SAS Ground Services Handling Group