Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 9 , Bringing Innovation for Patient Care As a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, Actimed Therapeutics Ltd is leading the healthcare industry with a vision to transform care for an under-served, vulnerable patient population. We discuss the role of Actimed in developing new, innovative therapies for patients with CEO Robin Bhattacherjee as he wins CEO of the Year – United Kingdom. Actimed Therapeutics is a leading company in the development of innovative therapies that will help those suffering with cachexia and other muscle wasting disorders. Cachexia is a wasting disease that currently affects a significant number of cancer patients, and the leading product of Actimed, S-pindolol (ACM-001) is currently in clinical development for cancer-related cachexia. Actimed was founded in 2017 and CEO Robin Bhattacherjee is now celebrating his CEO of the Year in the UK award. “The Company has moved forward greatly, particularly over the last two years, and is now ready to move back into clinical development with S-pindolol,” Robin explains. “This has required extensive CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) work, we have redeveloped the compound and we have a clinical development plan which we are currently initiating.” With all of this hard work, Actimed is now in a position to move to the next stage on our path to bring innovation for the treatment of cachexia and for patients. . S-pindolol is in the phase 2 stage of clinical development and Actimed is currently involved in engaging with clinical research organisations, communicating with the major pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, and the Bio-Healthcare Investment Community. “I believe I have set a high value of integrity and collaboration, essential for a fledging pharmaceutical company, Aug21593 which has contributed to us achieving our goals to date.” Actimed is driven by a vision to improve patients’ lives and Robin shares, “We genuinely have an opportunity to bring new treatments to the market for a condition where there is currently a huge unmet medical need. As such, the overriding value that I have instilled is that we have a unique opportunity to make a major difference to the lives of many patients.” He does everything he can to inspire and keep people motivated so that these patients can eventually have new treatments to support them in their care Prior to working with Actimed, Robin was the UK General Manager of Actelion Pharmaceuticals for 10 years. He tells us, “When Actelion was purchased by J&J, the UK was a highly motivated, high performing Organisation with the standards and values dear to me.” In the future, Robin and everyone at Actimed look forward to the bringing new therapies to market. “We also plan to take the infrastructure build of the company to the next level,” Robin adds. There is little doubt that Actimed Therapeutics is definitely one to watch as we work towards a better, healthier, and happier future for patients. Contact: Robin Bhattacherjee Company: Actimed Therapeutics Ltd Web Address: