Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 7 AchievingMulti-Sector Success One of the most recent acquisitions was Okkla Reality, a specialist in the purchase and sale of real estate in the state of Florida. Despite being a relatively new addition to the market, only a few months, it has developed more than $4,5 million in business. It also showcases the intuition of Mr. Pontes’ business decisions. While very different to the racing park and the immigration services, it has rapidly proven not only to be a good investment, but a natural addition to the businesses already under the control of D4U USA Group. Mr. Pontes has recently expanded into other new sectors of the market too. The alcoholic beverages segment is one which holds enormous potential that remains untapped. As such, the team are involved in the “Drink B” brand, launched in the US. This brand has focuses on flavored Brazilian Rum and is already present in the best restaurants in South Florida. As a brand, it has already made a name for itself in Miami, as well as being a sponsor of some of the biggest musical events of the Brazilian community in Florida. These close connections with a local community have opened exciting new doors to Mr. Pontes, who has been invited to chair LIDE Miami as a result of these successful projects. LIDE is a group of business leaders with more than 3000 members and operating groups in 15 countries. The aim of these groups is to create a place for networking amongst some of the biggest and best regional investors and entrepreneurs. It’s the ideal location for Mr. Pontes to thrive, not only allowing him to keep his finger on the economic pulse of the region, but also to share his not inconsiderable expertise with others in Miami and beyond. When looking at the career of Mr. Pontes, it is one which covers an exciting range of diverse interests. From law to entertainment, from real estate to beverages, the team at D4U USA Group are involved in many different aspects of business. What is clear, however, is that each is approached with the same entrepreneurial mindset and desire to succeed. All share the unique attitude which has empowered his teams to make the best possible decisions for the growth of the group as a whole – and the growth has been truly astounding. We celebrate Mr. Pontes’ tremendous success and look forward to seeing just where he takes his incredibly diverse portfolio of businesses next. Company: D4U USA Group Name: Wagner Pontes Email: [email protected]