Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 33 , Aug21516 Food For Thought Specialising in a wide array of leading services, Upbeet Digital is chopping down all barriers and limitations for its customers. By helping individuals and businesses to increase their leads and sales, Upbeet ensures they have the means to last longer, make a mark on the industry, and change people’s lives. Upbeet is setting the bar high when it comes to improving lead and enquiry rates, increasing them by 24%-200% per customer. With its offering of digital marketing and various marketing audit services, Upbeet is able to examine each business that it works with, to work out exactly what it needs based on its problem areas and opportunities for growth. As a bonus, all of this can be done from anywhere for an entirely reasonable price. As optimisations are essential to creating the opportunity to increase higher returns, reduce waste, and deliver rich insights into the market, they can improve strategies for bigger and better results. All of these optimisations use programmatic, pay-per-click (PPC), Google, and Facebook analytics that provide a better view of the market. These optimisations pave the way for longer lasting businesses and better results overall. Upbeet’s innovative technology includes a full, comprehensive range of syncing, in-channel take-over, and reporting systems with ease of access and use. With specialists in Social Media, Marketing & Business Upbeet Digital is a fresh business that helps its customers to bloomwith its incredibly knowledgeable experience and determined nature. We look at what Upbeet does as its CEO TerryMichael wins CEO of the Year, 2021 – Johannesburg, South Africa. Consulting, SEO, Content Creation, Design, and Media & Paid Media, Upbeet has everything covered. All of this means that, with the right person assigned to the customer, any business that gets in contact can flourish in next to no time. With members who are all qualified in SEO, Auditing, Digital Media, Consulting, Marketing, Social Media, and Strategy, Upbeet has an expert for everyone. It helps to evolve brands and build them into something unbeatable. Upbeet is a highly professional yet quirky and down-to-earth business that helps a large variety of companies to gain more followers, customers, and revenue. For advice on anything throughout the digital marketing and marketing audit spectrum, Upbeet has a comprehensive service offering that is unmatched in its market. Thanks to his strong portfolio of experience, CEO Terry Michael has now won CEO of the Year, 2021 – Johannesburg, South Africa. He has nourished his passion throughout his career in the industry and developed valuable skills that help Upbeet’s customers to nurture their own creations. By forming a strong team of professionals, Terry has built something that can help across a plethora of industries for a strong future. Don’t stay in the dark; dig up your passion by visiting Upbeet! Contact: Terry Michael Company: Upbeet Digital Ltd Web Address: