Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 21 , Jul21806 Pursuing Payment Perfection Founded in 2014, Maxpay was designed to act as a full-scope payment gateway service provider for online businesses. With over 150 payment methods available, access to dozens of bank acquirers and tools that increase a merchant’s conversion rate, it has become the go-to option of choice for those in ecommerce. Needless to say, this is a credit to Mr. Tymoshenko’s leadership, as every decision made for the business puts their customers first, so that they can put their customers first too. Mr. Tymoshenko has garnered over 13 years of expertise in the fintech industry, acting as a C-level executive for many of these. His focus on international acquiring and payment systems has given him the opportunity to study the industry deeply, and meet many needs of merchants that the competition has simply never considered. The origins of Maxpay came from filling this need. Mr. Tymoshenko pulled together a team of professionals and payments enthusiasts that also had their own vision of what the optimal solution for most merchants might be. Their approach has proven itself to be the ideal solution for many, acting as a one-stop- shop for companies working online. Maxpay offers a reliable payment gateway service as well as help with merchant account opening and related matters. The additional value of what is on offer comes from the team’s The way inwhichwe pay for things has changed dramatically over the last few years, as businesses have embraced online platforms as opposed to cash. Maxpay Ltd stands at the forefront of this new economy, focusing on card processing, riskmanagement, and incorporation assistance for online businesses under the leadership of ArtemTymoshenko. Recognised as a CEO of the Year 2021, we thought it time to find out why. ability to go above and beyond the competition. Maxpay’s work embraces risk analysis, anti-fraud, and chargeback management features, and can leverage the firm’s vast incorporation services to allow clients to become legal entities in the EU, and thereby grow their potential market. Needless to say, while the target audience is those who want to enable cashless payments online, the nature of this sector is constantly changing. Perhaps the biggest key to Mr. Tymoshenko’s success is his ability to trust in his people to achieve greatness. The work that Maxpay does is by necessity experimental and innovative. This means that the main resource he must draw on is his people. They drive the company forward and keep it at the forefront of the industry. Since inception, Mr. Tymoshenko has moved his company from one which is strictly driven by results to one where responsibility is delegated to employees and their inner potential is nurtured and realised. This transformation of his approach has been of immense benefit to the company as a whole, seeing a strategic approach that keeps Maxpay quick and nimble in the changing markets. While around for seven years, the fresh and curious nature of the company means that the culture is one where new ideas are constantly brought to the table for discussion and debate. It’s a culture which embraces more mature, collective leadership where all at the company see themselves as a vital part of the business. The success of Maxpay is a credit to Mr. Tymoshenko, one which has seen him transform his approach to leadership from one where results were the priority to one where the development of the business in a rapidly changing economy was vital. This has demanded trusting his team to deliver on his behalf – it’s a decision that has led to his continued success in the industry. Name: Artem Tymoshenko Web Address: