Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 19 Fostering Environments of Inclusivity and Understanding this possible, the environment must first make itself safe. This is the reasoning behind starting with changing the company. People can change on an individual level, if given the right environment to be able to do so, but theory must always lead to action, and so Aggie’s efforts target those stakeholders with the power to make the most change in order to fuel this passion for altering the culture for the better. Moreover, Aggie is slowly but surely becoming more of a going concern in the industry in which she works, and embodying more and more of her own tenants as she does so. Delivering her talks and educational work as her most authentic self in order to inspire others to do the same has allowed her to truly flourish, and to ensure that her staff do too, carefully curating a space in which people can talk openly and honestly with each other, discussing theory, resources, and ideas that lead to actionable results. One of the most important facets of Mahogany Inclusion Partners’ work, therefore, is this notion of knowing you can do anything. However, it also encourages clients and their teams to truly think on whether they are the best people for the job, enabling them to have the courage and grace to hand over the reigns to someone else when that individual is more suited to the task at hand. Whether this is a specific role, a job on a task list, a promotion, or something else entirely, fostering this mentality allows professionals to think of the health of their team and value the different skills and viewpoints of the co-workers around them. Valuing partnership, compassion, good intent, and meeting a client halfway, its staff lead by example by showing how an exemplary inclusive culture can make a business thrive. Furthermore, each team member is valued for their specific skills and perspectives, and it is their dedication and tenacity that allowed them to pull through the pandemic, and their hard work helping organisations ruminate on the murder of George Floyd and how that tragic loss of life is emblematic of a wider problem. With powerful conversations sparking like never before, Mahogany Inclusion Partners is the guiding hand behind these, leading the world towards a bright future as it continues offering various training programmes and lectures, providing people a safe space in which to learn, grow, and improve. Contact: Aggie Mutuma Website: “The best D&I course that I have experienced in 25yrs of working. It was carefully designed, and addressed current issues in D&I, whilst creating an environment for open and honest discussion. People opened up in a way that I have rarely seen in a work context, which led to greater understanding. Highly recommended.” Caroline Sumnall, Client & Marketing Director, Browne Jacobson LLP Over the past few months, Mahogany Inclusion Partners have worked with our leaders to amplify Black voices and help navigate sensitive conversations. Our next project together is a three-year D&I plan, and I'm looking forward to working with Aggie for a long time to come! Director of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion