Issue 10 2020

14 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2020 , processes such as RPA, AI, or a combination of both, along with tools that facilitate virtual work and support the future of work for finance teams, are just a few additional examples of the more recent type of assignment that CAMTACAN has undertaken for its clients. As CAMTACAN continues to grow, it continues to remain extremely focused on delivering quantifiable results to every engagement that it takes on. With Mr Vallverdu at the helm, overseeing the delivery of positive net returns for clients, this relentless customer focus will enable CAMTACAN to grow alongside its partner network, for years to come. Company: CAMTACAN Contact: Xavi Vallverdu Website: Trailblazes In 2020 To Come Out On Top Corporate teams all over the world can sometimes find themselves in need of help when it comes to finances. Navigating the increasingly complicated world of finance becomes harder and harder the bigger a company is or the quicker is trying to grow, and the more financial elements it has to handle. That is where CAMTACAN comes in, offering strategic, operational, and transformational corporate financial services that can truly change the way a business approaches its finances. The client base that CAMTACAN works with ranges from start-ups to large multinationals based in Canada, but the focus always remains on being able to help a client, regardless of their size or stature in any particular industry. In fact, what the firm has noticed over the years is that whilst some issues are specific and directly related to the client, others are very similar in nature across the client base. Chief amongst the reasons that CAMTACAN has achieved a 50% annual growth rate since starting operations is CEO Xavi Vallverdu. Throughout his global finance executive career, Mr Vallverdu has been able to leverage years of experience in leading finance teams across multinational businesses in several countries to learn best practices and apply them to Founded in 2018 with the goal of helping corporate finance teams by providing strategic, operational, and transformational services, CAMTACAN is a boutique consultancy that benefits from the knowledge of its CEO, Xavi Vallverdu, and its partner network. Mr Vallverdu features in this month’s issue of CEOMonthly for winning the title of Best Operational Finance Boutique Consultancy CEO (Canada), so we profile himand his workwith CAMTACAN. Jun20288 each project. Over the last two decades, he has worked in the industrial and financial services sectors in four continents and twenty countries. Through this experience, Mr Vallverdu has also been able to see the challenges that finance teams face on an ongoing basis. In addition, Mr Vallverdu technical training at MIT and Ivey Business School further ensures CAMTACAN employs the right solution, whether it is supporting M&A activities, setting up finance teams, equipping them with the right tools as part of their digital transformation journey, rolling out new processes, or solving a variety of finance challenges to optimize business operations. Whichever the project, CAMTACAN is fully dedicated to keeping its commitment to deliver high-quality solutions and real returns on projects undertaken. In fact, CAMTACAN uses a four-step approach that has consistently enabled projects to yield between 30% and 60% ROI. This approach starts with an Initial consultation where client needs and future success factors are discussed. Next, the Solution Recommendation phase starts, where a variety of options are reviewed, before moving on to the Project Execution phase. Once the solution has been implemented, there is a final Follow-up phase between three and six months after the project is completed to ensure the solution implemented stands the test of time and the project results are sustainable into the future. Being a small consultancy office, one of the major strategies that CAMTACAN and Mr Vallverdu have employed is to leverage a network of partners that complement the core services already on offer. In order to guarantee success in its engagements with clients, CAMTACAN ensures that its partners share the same core values and approach as it does, and that they can deliver services together. Despite the wealth of opportunity presented by this partner network, Mr Vallverdu has also had to steer the firm through some uncertain times; perhaps none more so that the COVID-19 pandemic currently impacting businesses everywhere. On the one hand, companies need to ensure that every dollar they invest has a real return, which may translate into more focused engagements. On the other hand, companies are reaching out for help on how to optimize their financial resources under the new reality, such as how best realign their finance teams, or how to apply for a number of COVID-19 Government related programs. Furthermore, businesses are forced to adopt digital transformation strategies within their own finance teams. New data visualization tools or new