Issue 1 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 1 2023 14 Nov22413 Matchmakers are driven by one thing – success. In this industry, success is defined singularly by happy clients. Ultimately, there’s no element of luck when it comes to matchmaking, so the industry’s leaders can truly be defined as experts, with a record of success that speaks as a potent testament to their services. It would be fair to say that Finding the perfect match is difficult, notoriously so. In a world with easy access to dating apps and options, it may be easy to overlook the expertise of a matchmaker when it comes to finding your ‘other half ’. Following her recognition as the ‘2022 CEO of the Year’ for New York, we spoke with Maureen Tara Nelson to find out more about MTN Matchmaking. Maureen Tara Nelson has secured a formidable reputation on the greater matchmaking landscape, with over a thousand clients shouting her merits and bolstering her skillset. With over 22 years of experience, Maureen has secured a plethora of accolades that join her most recent recognition, with many appearances in mainstream news outlets eager to find out more. It would be remiss to gloss over Maureen’s position as an Irish American, which has led to her recently opening up an MTN Matchmaking Ireland International programme for all Irish singles living in Ireland that would like to find love in New York. In this way, Maureen has cultivated an international reputation, helping people find love, regardless of boundaries and geography. MTN Matchmaking also participates in philanthropic endeavours to further its already significant engagement in Long Island’s local community, alongside its own breast cancer charity – “finding love at MTN Matchmaking after kissing cancer goodbye.” It’s clear that Maureen and the team at MTN Matchmaking inspire and nurture a culture defined entirely by positivity, creativity, passion and love. Company: MTN Matchmaking Contact: Maureen Tara Nelson Address: 68 S Service Rd Suite 100, Melville, NY 11747 Website: The Perfect Match She is one of the most unique, genuine, and professional executive level certified matchmakers in the New York area.” “ “ “I’ve only wanted to be great at two things: a great mother and the best matchmaker in New York”. - Maureen Tara Nelson “ “