2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards , Grosvenor Services Best Cleaning & Facilities Management Provider 2019 & Excellence Award in Security Management 2019 Jan19300 Contact Details Company: Grosvenor Services | Name: Marianne Lambert Address: 64C Heather Road, Sandyford Ind Estate, Dublin 18 Web Address: www.grosvenorservices.com Grosvenor Services is a leader in cleaning and facilities management services, providing an integrated approach to operating andmaintainingmulti-faceted solutions to a wide range of clients. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards we profile the firm to find out more. Since 1959, Grosvenor Services has been growing a successful business in Ireland, the UK and the USA specialising in cleaning, facilities management and security services. Thanks to its vast industry expe- rience, the firm inherently under- stands the specific demands of the Cleaning, Security, and FM sectors. Working in partnership with world-class companies, who operate world-class standards, has given the firm a platform for delivering award-winning service every time, to every client. Since its inception the firm has served and continue to serve some of the most premium and well-known brands in the world, and the team is very proud that some of Grosvenor Service’s largest clients have been work- ing alongside the firm for over three decades. Being a family-owned business, Grosvenor Services tailors every service to suit the needs of its client, and collaborates with them throughout the process so that they receive the solutions they need. Driven by a strong family ethos, Grosvenor Services offer innovative solutions and quality professionals to deliver integrated approaches to operat- ing and maintaining multi-faceted solutions. The team constantly benchmarks every element of its service against the best practise standards, keeping the firm relevant and positioning it at the forefront of service delivery. As part of its focus on providing its clients with the very highest possible standards of service and support, the team at Grosvenor Services have a client-focused internal culture. Whether the customer is an internal colleague or a valued business partner, the company is able to provide them with the very best possible ser- vice, with staff taught to always focus on the clients’ needs to ensure that they receive all the support they need. In addition, as a team Grosvenor Services continue to ‘strive for better’ and go that extra mile.These attitudes and cultures strongly reflect in the firm’s processes and service delivery, both internally and ex- ternally, and enable the company to continuously improve in every element of its service offering. Ultimately, as Grosvenor Services celebrates 60 years in business this year, looking ahead the firm’s future focus is to continue to grow the business and offer its existing customers the exceptional level of service that they have come to expect and rely on. As such, this will remain as the company’s ongoing focus over the coming years ahead. “As a team we continue to ‘strive for better’ and go that extra mile demonstrating attitudes and cultures that strongly reflect our processes and service delivery. We are so proud to celebrate our 60th year in business this year, and we look forward to many more years of success and growth in partnership with our valued clients.”

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