2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards CGA Technology CGA Technology: Safety Innovator of the Year 2019 Supporting clients around the world and across the corporate landscape, CGA Technology has created an innovative Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. To showcase the firm’s success in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards we profile the firmand examine the secrets behind its success. Jan19361 mapped which can be mixed and matched to provide a custom- ised solution to each client. With over 50 different modules, 100 hundred reports and thousands of features, CGA is then able to provide comprehensive solutions for almost any industry. As a result, the firm’s customers now come from a variety of different areas, each with their own unique challenges with safety, compliance, asset man- agement, facilities management Since its inception in 2011 CGA has been developing and enhancing its single SAAS product, Flex Manager, to assist in streamlining business processes with a focus on compliance-related activities. The versatile Flex platform is the backbone of each solution and easily helps to manage and integrate to the day to day actions within your business. There are now over 150 business processes and human resources. To date CGA has customers spanning three continents with in the con- struction, medical, agricultural, pharma, manufacturing, facilities management, hospitality and food industries. The key to CGA’s success over the years has been its extensive service offering, having all compliance related info in a single platform allows companies to get much more extensive reporting and create consistency in data capture and monitoring. Nobody wants to log into 12 different systems with different passwords and apps when one comprehensive solution will do, and as such CGA have focused on providing an innovative, streamlined system that will meet the varied needs of its myriad of international clients. Both Flex Manager and CGA’s mobile applications have a range of benefits for clients, including a simple setup procedure, proven technology and integration with modern applicances, as well as financial and time savings. Users can find information easily to make better business decisions and create the foundation for a successful compliance and businesses management environment. Alongside these benefits, the firm’s creative solutions allow clients to ensure compliance at all times, which is especially important in today’s fast-paced safety market. New compliance and safety regulations are being introduced each year. In order to manage these, it essential that companies use a system to approach this rather than spend- ing excessive time managing paperwork and potentially missing out on crucial details. As such, clients can rely on Flex Manager to organise their work- load and can see every aspect of their safety management in one place. Companies are also looking many years ahead and aligning the technologies they use with their core strategy, and CGA’s solutions can benefit them in this area to, allowing for forward planning and ensuring ongoing success for clients. Ultimately, CGA’s mission is to reduce the risk with in the work environments and assist busi- nesses in maximising efficiency through innovative technology and mobile applications. Working to achieve this, the firm has a plethora of new developments in the pipeline moving forward, including a new range of hard- ware and IoT devices which the firm is integrating with to allow for the automatic capture of data. New modules will be introduced throughout 2019, and CGA also plans to enhance the look and feel of its solutions throughout the coming 12 months. Addition- ally, the firm is now collaborating with Queens University Belfast to develop the data visualisation and set up the foundation for Artificial Intelligence interpretation for executive reporting. These developments and much more will ensure CGA’s ongoing success over the years ahead. , “Both Flex Manager and CGA’s mobile applications have a range of benefits for clients, including a simple setup procedure, proven technology and integration with modern applicances, as well as financial and time savings.”

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