2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

40 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards , Stelfox Best Executive Search Firm 2019: Stelfox Feb19138 Stelfox is a recruitment company with a particular focus on supporting the needs of technology led organisations. We invited Eugene Gibbons to tell us more about the firmand the innovative range of services it provides. Established in 2001 in Ireland, during the middle of an IT recession, Stelfox was created by Lorraine Fitzpatrick, CEO, Keith Molony, who is now the Executive Chairman and Liam Laffey, Exec- utive Director. Over the years the company has flourished, and it now operates across a number of European and global markets. Today Stelfox boasts four main teams, led by its directors and managers, who together have more than 130 years of experience in recruitment. These teams are permanent, contract, international and executive search, and each has a client base that ranges from early-stage start-ups through to global blue-chip leaders. These clients rely on the firm to provide them with the benefit of its vast industry expertise, which is the company’s core focus, as Eugene highlights. “Here at Stelfox, we understand that to offer our clients the expertise they need we have to leverage our years of experience and our vast number of connections. Thanks to these factors, we now have a reputation for delivering the highest-quality candidates on timescale. This reputation can only be achieved with a level of in-depth knowledge that comes with time and dedication. “When a client comes to us with a talent requirement, it is our responsibility to fulfil their needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Not only is this our job but we also take great pride and pleasure in achieving these results. We listen to and understand what challenge or problem our client is trying to solve or address, and we only showcase talent that really can empathise and fulfil their needs.” As a recruitment specialist, Stelfox has to work hard to ensure that its own internal culture allows it to attract and retain the very best talent in the highly competitive recruit- ment space, as Eugene showcases. “At the heart of Stelfox is a culture of edu- cation where every staff member engages in a rigorous training and mentoring period. This allows our team to not only source the most-relevant candidates but also build authentic and genuine relationships within the industry. As such, when a client asks us to fulfil a role for them, our consultants probably have someone in mind from their personal networks. If not, they will know the best place to begin the search from the mapping of their market.” This people-focused approach extends beyond just clients and staff and through to the wider community. Eugene is keen to explain the importance that Stelfox places on supporting young people and driving them to success and how its charitable ventures focus on this. “One of our core beliefs as an organisation that interacts with and impacts on peoples’ lives on a daily basis is to take it a step further and look at how we can then unleash the unlimited potential of young people in our global society. As such Stelfox is at the heart of two charity organisations that we have supported since their establishment. “The first of these, ‘Indreni’ is a children’s charity in Nepal that started out in providing care, housing and education for 3 students. Now, we provide support to over 50 children on a sustainable basis. Our other charitable venture, ‘SOAR’, is an organisation that provides workshops for our young people of Ireland to unleash their potential and deal with the stresses in an ever-changing world in a safe and collaborative environment. “Fundamentally, we believe these charities help change the lives of young people with an annual financial commitment going directly to support them of which we are incredibly proud. Those that do business with us, genuinely help make a difference in the world through the people we support both on a business and a personal level.” Moving forward, global growth is the focus for Stelfox, and as such, the firm’s teams around the world will be expanding to support this, as Eugene is proud to conclude. “Over the coming months, we will be spending time on building and developing our international team. We have just had some truly exciting hires across the board and we could not be more excited for what the future holds for us here at Stelfox.” Contact Details Company: Stelfox Name: Eugene Gibbons Address: 5th Floor, St.Stephens Green House, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Telephone Number: +353 1 679 3182 Web Address: www.stelfox.com

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