2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards , Word Perfect Translations Best Interpretation & Translation Services Business 2019 & Public Sector Service Excellence Award 2019 Feb19016 With offices in Dublin, Cork and GalwayWord Perfect Translations one of the largest translation services and interpreting companies in Ireland. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards we profile it and showcase the secrets behind its success. Drawing on its vast industry experience, Word Perfect Translations provides translation and interpretation services to Public Sector Clients such as Depart- ment of Taoiseach, Department of Justice, Department of De- fence, Department of Social Pro- tection, HSE, Child and Family Agency, An Garda Siochana, Courts Service, Legal Aid Board, Refugee Protection Programme, Office of Promotion and Migra- tion, Immigration and Border Control, Prison Services, Citizen’s Information Office, Residential Tenancy Board, Educational Institutions, as well as County Councils around Ireland. The firm also provides translation and interpretation services to corporate clients such as pharma companies, law firms, account- ancy practices, even insurance companies, and multi-national corporations like Google, Face- book and LinkedIn. Seeking to offer an innovative service that cannot be found elsewhere, Word Perfect Translations’ expert translators do more than just translate languages, documents and words: they ensure that their clients’ message is understood and appreciated by their audi- ence. Thanks to the team’s consistent service and dedication to quality, the firm has gained a formidable reputation for excellence over the years and has worked with a wide variety of clients who all prize the firm’s services highly. From the beginning Word Per- fects Translations’ goal has been to provide the utmost quality in translation. The company’s founders were freelance linguists who experienced the ins and outs of the industry and were looking to revolutionize it. Their ideas transformed the company from a staff of two people, to a multinational company with offices in Europe and Asia. The initial success of the company has failed to cease, and it continues on its path of achievement. Looking to the future, Word Perfect Translations will continue building upon its already impressive success by expanding geographically, moving into the US market. As part of this expansion plan the firm aims to open an office in Boston over the coming months, and this will lead to further growth across the region and even greater success for this dynamic and dedicated translation specialist. Contact Details Company: Word Perfect Translations | Contact: Jimmy Gashi Website: www.wordperfect.ie "From the beginning Word Perfects Translations’ goal has been to provide the utmost quality in translation."

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