2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards 19 , Pinehill Studios Best Community Dance Studio 2019 - County Donegal: Pinehill Studios Jan19445 Contact Details Company: Pinehill Studios | Contact: Sarah-Marie McDevitt Website: https://pinehillstudios.ie/ Pinehill Studios is a community dance studio that also supports a range of other businesses and events. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards we profile the studio and showcase the work it undertakes on behalf of the local community. Established in Sep- tember 2013, Pinehill Studios has since developed into a diverse centre which prides itself on offering a wide variety of activities for both adults and young people. She firmly believes that the best way to encourage a love of movement and sport is to pro- vide instruction that enables the successful accomplishment of small steps so that an expec- tation of success and enjoyment is fostered. Before opening Pinehill Studios six years ago, Sarah-Marie furthered her education in business, marketing and accounting and then later developed a love for fitness. She trained as a Personal Trainer which lead to group fitness activities and the completion of her exercise to music certification. These qualifications opened up an array of options in the dance and dance fitness world. Upon moving to Letterkenny in 2010, Sarah-Marie travelled the county delivering many Zumba classes in Parish Halls and Community Centres and soon visualised the need for an adverse facility to deliver group classes in a bright welcoming environment. In early 2013 an opportunity appeared locally, which enabled Sarah-Marie to fulfil her dream and open her very own Dance Studio. Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce has Highly Commended Pinehill Studios as a Start-up business supporting the arts community in Donegal & Northern Ireland. Today, Pinehill Studios has a huge footprint created in the local community, volunteering services during charity events and com- munity events such as parades, lights switch on, relay for life etc. These modern studios are equipped with sprung floors, mirrored walls and professional sound systems, allowing for a number of carefully selected tenants the opportunity to have office space, classes, workshops and events as needed. Within Pinehill Studios 11 other small arts related business deliver their unique programs to the children and adults of our community. The studio is a welcoming space for all the family, offering a secure environment to escape from the pressures of home, school and work life. Sarah and her team pride them- selves on creating a stress-free zone for children and adults alike, enabling them to express themselves and get the most of the studio’s facilities on every visit made. As well as setting up a successful studio giving children and young people the opportunity to develop their talents, Sarah-Marie feels it is important to give back to the community and created an annual charity event that’s called Dance Addiction, which has raised over € 40,000 in the last four years for various local charities. Looking ahead, Pinehill Studios will continue to focus on the local community and will welcome an even more diverse range of guest throughout 2019 and beyond.

http://pinergy.ie/ http://www.3dental.ie/ http://www.salamanca.ie/ https://pinehillstudios.ie/