2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards , 3 Dental Best General & Cosmetic Dental Practice 2019 & Award for Distinction in Emergency Dentistry 2019 Jan19366 Contact Details Company: 3 Dental | Name: Shauna |Address: 3 Dental, Red Cow House, Red Cow, Dublin 12 | Telephone Number: 01-4851033 | Web Address: www.3dental.ie Seeking to offer quality dentistry at affordable prices, 3 Dental provides a complete range of therapeutic and cosmetic dental procedures to Dublin and the surrounding areas. Having recognised the company as part of our 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards we profile it to showcase the hard work it puts in to ensure every patient receives the treatment they need to look and feel great. Established in 2016, 3 Dental was originally designed to provide Irish patients a more affordable model of dentistry. In the years previous to that tourism dentistry was on the rise, so 3 Dental decided to compete with prices available in Ireland. Today, the firm’s services range from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, implants and orthodontics. Over the past three years 3 Dental’s work has changed the lives of so many, giving them back their confidence, their smile and the ability to enjoy themselves. Operating in a competitive market, 3 Dental strives to differ- entiate itself from its competitors in the dental tourism market so that patients can have their work done in Ireland, by dentists that are bound by the Irish Dental Council, follow up appointments at home and no need to travel. There are many methods that can be used to speed up the process of its procedures abroad but by using these methods, the quality of the treatment suffers. Seeking to offer clients a high- quality service they can truly trust, 3 Dental exclusively follows the best practices to ensure that the treatment client’s get at their dental practice is second to none. As part of its client-focused approach, the firm meets with its suppliers and its partners on a quarterly basis to ensure that any discounts can be passed on to their patients, so that they receive both value for money and exceptional quality. Ultimately, 3 Dental’s mission is to ensure that Irish patients no longer need to travel abroad to access affordable dentistry. This will remain as the firm’s ongoing focus as it then looks towards a bright future filled with exciting new possibilities. “Over the past three years 3 Dental’s work has changed the lives of so many, giving them back their confidence, their smile ability to enjoy themselves.”

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