Global CEO Excellence Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / Global CEO Excellence Awards 2022 24 Best Web Design & Hosting CEO (USA): AndrewWallace PortoSpire believes that every business (and individual) should have the same opportunities that are traditionally reserved for large organisations with equally large budgets. This would mean that everyone could focus on the things they do best, rather than having to learn and maintain complex technology. As the company’s CEO, AndrewWallace sees extraordinary success within the Global CEO Excellence Awards 2022, we got in touch with the man himself to learn more about the company and his career. Since the early 2000s, PortoSpire has taken a story experience approach to all its projects, with its team being driven to learn, grow, and adapt in order to provide high quality solutions on and off the web. Its people work with small businesses, solopreneurs, and individuals who are looking to have a customised web presence to share their story. Through their collective lessons learned and skillsets, the team are able to build a platform that is highly scalable and optimised, forming an extremely low barrier to entry and a solution that grows with a client’s needs. After PortoSpire moved its primary location to central Ohio and restructured the organisation in 2016, its team has been able to further refine their storytelling experiences to standardise and automate their processes, enhancing their ability to provide opportunities for great brand stories which help small businesses thrive and individuals to take control of their web presence. Its team members work hard to have a shared understanding of the client’s story and build a customised design to best share it with their target market(s). Additionally, they offer enterprise grade integrations that can scale to meet the growth needs of businesses without upfront costs. All of PortoSpire’s products and services are provided à la carte so clients only pay for the customised services they need and use. The team is led by CEO, Andrew Wallace, a strategic visionary who hasn’t always worked in website creation and hosting. Andrew’s storytelling journey began with spending a decade in entertainment (dancing, singing, acting), before transitioning to tactical IT roles, saying, “I bring a blend of artistic and scientific mindsets to every effort I undertake.” While working in live performance art, he performed with widely varying and diverse groups ranging from small intimate shows to large scale productions with hundreds of individuals working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. As he entered the IT industry, Andrew focused on breaking down complex problems into smaller and easier to digest portions. He shares, “I found myself in roles acting as a bridge between those more technically minded with those driving the business. Building from my previous experiences in entertainment, I began moving into roles helping to plan and lead projects. This eventually led to the role I hold today as CEO in which I use a blend of the variety of experiences to tell the story of what the organisation can be and how we can get there together.” During his time within the website creation and hosting industry, Andrew has observed major concerns which revolve primarily around security, data privacy, and the pace of technological innovation. Coders around the world can produce and distribute plug-ins with ease, enabling them to “find a plug-in that does it”, but often those easy to find plug-ins introduce security holes or conflict with other plug-ins, making a site unmanageable over time. Also, there is a great change on the horizon with regards to data privacy (such as through GDPR and other pending regulations) and how that may or may not impact existing services (such as EU-US Privacy Shield Framework being determined invalid). Most site owners are unaware of what current laws or regulations may apply, let alone stay abreast of what changes their site may need to undertake as the rules shift. Then, adding on top, the popularised self-service website creation model. While attractive at the onset, the primary commercialised options woefully fall short of addressing the industry challenges from above and in fact, compound those issues. Developing a freshlooking website and staying up-to-date with the evolving technology are each a huge, and often underestimated, undertaking. This is why PortoSpire aids clients on this journey, enabling them to focus on their story while it takes care of the rest. While remaining in-the-know when it comes to the industry, Andrew is also focused on the exciting, innovative future of PortoSpire, telling us, “We are preparing to launch a fully integrated social media management portal that makes multi-channel communications a breeze. Users will be able to schedule a blog post and teasers with links across their social footprint all from one interface.” Company: PortoSpire Contact: Daniel Rodriguez Phone: +1.614.758.5050 Email: [email protected] Website: