Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022 6 Electronics CEO of the Year 2022: Sandra Maile As a leading supplier of individual components and systems for display technology, embedded systems, and power supplies, FORTEC Elektronik AG is the only company on the market that combines technological excellence of this sort into a full range of integrated solutions. Critically, its full complement of products takes a client from distribution and development to production and market entry, resulting in solutions perfect for the emerging new technological epoch. he FORTEC Elektronik AG way is one of complete, comprehensive, and innovative solutions for its industry. Its motto of ‘big enough to compete, small enough to care’ fuels its dedication to client care and corporate responsibility; this is the foundation upon which the rest of its values and have been developed, using its expertise and speed to create long term value. It establishes these longterm partnerships in order to secure itself on an equal, respectful, and empathic footing with its clients, all of whom are treated with flexibility, reliability, and transparency as standard. Indeed, with over 230 employees, total sales of over 89 million and growing, and a diverse internal community, its management has propelled it to great heights of success. Moreover, its status as a medium-sized business has allowed it to develop a traditional yet forwardthinking way of working that endears it to all manner of different companies within a variety of industries, across several different verticals and scales, giving shareholders an attractive stake in its success. This is a part of its outstanding commitment to the people around it. Sharing its success with its shareholders, its clients, and its staff, the CEO – Sandra Maile – has worked hard to make the company a foremost voice in the world of individual components and systems. Founded in 1984, she has brought with her all the expertise of her previous roles within the industry. Having previously held down a role as a Managing Director in Power Supply, she took on the CEO position for FORTEC in 2017. Building her expertise in electronic systems and supply since the year of 1993 has allowed her to develop a singularly impeccable business that has ingratiated itself with peers and clients alike. Initially, she found it a challenge to kick off a business that operates in this way – especially in such a male-dominated environment – but she earned respect and excellence by way of the utmost tenacity. Joined by many other professional and exemplary women on her board, Sandra and her team are their own driving force; they operate with bravery, committed to helping clients overcome challenge and invigorated by doing so across a variety of different client needs and requirements. Fundamentally, after achieving her position as CEO, she has worked hard to modernize, develop, and modify the Group in order to make it the most profitable and sustainable version of itself. Indeed, her work has hugely fostered the company’s prevailing development of technical understanding and sales experience, paired with an intensive commercial knowledge that she gleaned whilst at university. FORTEC’s bravery, confidence, and competence is something that has also been made possible through sustainable, to-scale growth. Additionally, FORTEC wishes to be visible. When it comes to creating the latest and greatest innovations in its industry, it seeks to accept these new challenges and ideas in order to incorporate them into its own internal structure, learning and growing from them accordingly. Although such challenges also include the hurdles and difficulties that it has faced as a business over the past few years, many of which have been wrought of exacerbated by the pandemic, it has persevered in seeing each of these through to a satisfying conclusion so that it may continue to serve its clients in the best way it can. Indeed, its clients past and present each come to laud this as exemplary, hence why so many of them remain its client for such long extended periods of time, without ever having to doubt whether such a thing is a good idea. They can see, from the word-of-mouth referrals that its clients give regarding its work to the various thirdparty reviews it has received, that they can trust FORTEC and its people to always operate with the strictest professionalism when it comes to product delivery and customer service. Although it still struggles with some of the bottlenecks that were in force over the pandemic – which has been an additional consideration for Sandra and her board – it has been pulling through by creating a new growth strategy through which it can address the path it wishes to take as it moves into the future. Critically, although the war in Ukraine has further worsened some of the pandemiccreated bottlenecks, and it has been impacted by the recent inflations, it has committed itself to closely observing the ChineseTaiwanese crisis and the Aug22666 T