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Welcome to the CEO of the Year Awards 2023 CEO Monthly is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 2023 CEO of the Year Awards. This distinguished program aims to celebrate and honour outstanding leaders whose innovative vision, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment have significantly contributed to the success and growth of their respective organisations. Now in its 3rd year, the CEO of the Year Awards programme was launched by CEO Monthly Magazine to recognise key individuals who are pushing the boundaries in their industries and consistently proving their company is among the best of the best in their field. We strive to honour those who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to continuous growth, improvement, and innovation. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, the role of a Chief Executive Officer has never been more critical. The awards seek to spotlight exceptional individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, driving their companies to new heights of excellence and setting benchmarks for industry standards. This award is judged purely on merit by our inhouse team with all potential winners assessed against multiple relevant criteria, including company performance over a given period of time with the individual at the helm, expertise and experience within the industry, sector or region, previous accolades won, and client testimonials or recommendations. We are delighted to present the winners in the 2023 CEO of the Year Awards! Jo Holloway- Senior Account Executive Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

6. Corbin Halliday: A Thought Leader of Clean Beauty 7. Erica Nieuwenhuis: Canada’s Best Beauty Product Manufacturing CEO 8. A Holistic Approach to Optimizing Digital Experiences 9. Elevating Co-Living in the UK 10. Booking a Builder Just Got Better 11. Dan Cullen-Shute: An Advocate for Peoplecentric Advertising 12. The Power of Transparent Leadership 13. Finding the People that Change Businesses 14. Delighting Donors Equals More Donations 16. Building a New Kind of Excellence in Media Communication 17. Fergal Ward: Leading a Bioelectronics Startup to Success 18. Shar Woehl: Supporting Women’s Success in Oil and Gas 20. Steve Preece: Solving the Challenges of Tomorrow as Egis reaches 30-year milestone in Ireland 21. A Band United for a Just Cause 22. Maintaining the Utility Services Essential to Modern Life 24. Qualifications, Support, and Accountancy Advancement 25. Made of the Right Parts 26. Changing The Way People Think About Insurance 28. Grow Your Brand With the Help of Health and Fitness Influencers 29. Branching into the Future of Energy 30. DataFlowIQ: Connect Systems, Centralise Data, and Gain Visibility 32. Bringing Yachting Concepts to Life 34. Investment Management Bolstered by the Lucky Number Seven 36. Scaling Organizations Across New Brunswick 37. Saxo - Helping the Discerning Trader Since 1992 38. Leading the Charge in Male Makeup Innovation 40. A Multifaceted Entrepreneur: Chad Pinter 42. The New Building Blocks of Property Management 43. This is How eCommerce Works 44. Intelligent Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes 45. A Manufacturing Royle Match 46. Cementing the Importance of People and Culture 48. The Crucible of Contact Centre Creativity 49. Innovative and Collaborative Leadership 50. Creative Solutions to Inform and Influence Contents

51. Managing the Managers of Italy’s Mobility Solutions 52. Empowering Customers with Multi-Purpose Makeup 53. Making Construction Workforce Management & Compliance Easier 54. A Marvellous Mission to Manage Menopause 55. Advanced Solutions for Livestock Traceability 56. Lead Generation’s Leading Expert 58. Illuminating the Path Forward 59. Push Beyond the Obvious 60. Cyber Security CEO of the Year 2023 - Aberdeenshire 62. Trusted Certification For Homeowners and Contractors 63. Making court proceedings faster, more convenient and secure. 64. Scientifically Inspired, Personalised for You 65. Investment in Nature-Based Solutions 66. Precious Metals UK CEO of the Year 2023 68. The CEO of Sustainable Investing 69. Driving Innovation 70. Bayan Alturkestani’s Innovative Approach to Traumatic Brain Injuries 71. It’s All in the Game!

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CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 6 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 18 ased in Australia, Three Warriors offers a curated range of clean tanning and skincare products to domestic and international customers. Its award-winning formulas contain nourishing ingredients designed to help users achieve a natural tan. All products are organic, toxicfree, cruelty-free, and vegan. Three Warriors is dedicated to providing an ethically conscious alternative to other tanning products. Founder Corbin Halliday was born in Tasmania and sources clean ingredients from the island for his conscious products. The rainforests of western Tasmania are some of the world’s oldest, renowned for their pure water and native olive groves. Corbin attributes the success of his brand to its sustainably sourced ingredients, specifically chosen for their hydrating properties. The Gradual Tan, Three Warriors’ bestselling product, is a nutrient-rich moisturiser designed to provide an all-year-round glow. This certified organic self-tan is the perfect way to build up a tan gradually and can be used daily, on alternative days, or weekly depending on the user’s desired colour. Designed for the face and body, Gradual Tan evens skin tones by building up colour to produce an immaculate finish. The bestselling product sells every two minutes and has received global recognition, winning over 20 international beauty awards. On the origin of Three Warriors, Corbin Halliday shares, “In 2014, after four years of endless visits to doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Corbin Halliday: A Thought Leader of Clean Beauty Corbin Halliday, Founder of Three Warriors, established the company to provide customers with a cleaner tanning alternative. After the diagnosis of a chronic illness, Corbin was forced to rethink his lifestyle and become more aware of product ingredients. When his search for an organic and toxic-free tan proved futile, Three Warriors was born. With salon-quality formulas and plantderived ingredients, the product line helps customers maintain a natural tan while caring for their skin. Corbin’s transformational healing journey inspired the creation of Three Warriors, and his purposeful leadership has led Corbin to receive our CEO of the Year Award. Response Syndrome (CIRS). As an integral part of my recovery to full health, I decided to change my diet by sourcing the cleanest organic foods and water. The sentiment behind Three Warriors is to listen to your body, take care of it, and make the change before poor health forces you to. The models I choose to represent Three Warriors have all had their own health journeys and have come out stronger and more powerful for it. We aim to showcase this through all our imagery, social media, and marketing, as we believe this is what everyone can resonate with.” With Three Warriors, Corbin aims to provide easy and safe tanning options that allow customers to retain a consistent glow. It is his belief that skincare should enhance users’ natural radiance while respecting the environment. Three Warriors prioritises eco-friendly practices, using sustainable ingredients to minimise the brand’s carbon footprint. The company is dedicated to making an environmental difference with products that leave consumers looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. It is the mission of Three Warriors to deliver social and environmental change with its range of nourishing tanning and skincare products. With an all-star fan base including Sonia Kruger, Ash Hart, and more, the brand aims to change attitudes towards skin tanning by providing a safer alternative that consistently produces a radiant glow. Corbin’s diagnosis inspired the inception of Three Warriors and his deep-rooted passion for clean beauty. With his conscious product line, Corbin offers customers of all skin types an organic solution to their skincare needs. By selecting ingredients from Tasmania, he can ensure that products are ethically sourced and chosen for their skin nourishing properties. Borrowing from the Earth, the brand offers users conscious beauty experiences, saving the planet through eco-friendly practices and sustainable ingredients. Under Corbin’s influential direction, Three Warriors will continue to grow its esteemed company and advocate for a future of clean beauty. For his conscious efforts, Corbin Halliday has been honoured with our award for Self-Tanning Products CEO of the Year – Australia. B Contact: Corbin Halliday Company: Three Warriors Web Address: https://www.

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 7 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 6 erving clients across Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Bio Sculpture Canada distributes products from three flagship brands, all of which are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Firstly, Bio Sculpture is the company’s own line of nail care products, designed to improve the health of natural nails. The second brand is Elim Spa Products, including Elim Mediheel, a reimagined pedicure system harnessing the power of facial-grade ingredients, and Elim Medihand, an anti-aging manicure system. The last is Navy Professional, a brand that specialises in manufacturing British-standard professional-grade beauty tools. As well as being a leading manufacturer and retailer of high-quality beauty products, Bio Sculpture Canada offers a variety of online and in-person training courses. Whether a student is completely new to the beauty industry or a qualified professional looking to add Bio Sculpture to their skillset, the company is equipped to provide them with the training they need. With a background in medicine and medical research related to skin development, aging, and tumour formation, Erica Nieuwenhuis joined Bio Sculpture Canada in 2009. She initially took on a role in sales, marketing, and education, before later becoming VP of Marketing in 2013 then CEO in 2017. Today, Erica leads a group of motivated, determined, and interesting people, strategising to drive the business to achieve its goals for growth. Leveraging the transferable skills she gained during her time in medical research, Erica is an adaptable leader with strong analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving, mentorship, information management, and communication abilities. She takes a hands-on approach to her work, engaging with her team on a daily basis to learn about the challenges they are facing as they arise. This enables her to support them when needed, brainstorming with them to find the best solutions. Having worked at Bio Sculpture Canada for almost 15 years, Erica has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of every facet of the business. This means that she is familiar with every product the company carries, understanding not only how to use them but also how they are formulated and what their product chemistry is like. “My team often refer Erica Nieuwenhuis: Canada’s Best Beauty Product Manufacturing CEO Established in 1997, Bio Sculpture Canada is a beauty company focused on providing salon and spa clients with premium quality products and professional training services, enabling them to deliver the ultimate luxury spa experience to their valued customers. Now in its 27th year of business, the company is headed by CEO Erica Nieuwenhuis, whose outstanding work has earned her the title of Beauty Product Manufacturing CEO of the Year, Canada, in the CEO of the Year Awards 2023. to me as “working in the trenches” with them,” Erica explains. “In a pinch I can fill in for pretty much any role within the company. I may not be super-efficient at all of the roles, but I can get the job done!” Taking a highly involved approach to leadership, Erica’s focus is on collaboration, which has in turn fostered a culture of teamwork throughout the business. She encourages more experienced staff members to mentor those who are joining the team by offering advice and guidance as they settle into their new role. Erica adds, “I discourage a territorial or overly competitive approach and much prefer seeing them lift each other up. Open communication is key; I am always available, whether they pop by my office or message me while they are off doing site-visits.” To maintain this close-knit, collaborative, and open culture, Erica ensures that Bio Sculpture Canada recruits individuals who demonstrate suitable traits and understand the importance of creating a positive work environment. She comments, “A positive growth-mindset is important. We are a friendly happy bunch; after all, we are selling beauty and wellness!” For her outstanding work as CEO of Bio Sculpture Canada, Erica Nieuwenhuis has been awarded the title of Beauty Product Manufacturing CEO of the Year, Canada, in the CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Over the next 12 months, her focus will be on leading her team as the company expands into new markets. Bio Sculpture Canada will also be launching an updated educational platform with a focus on microlearning, a teaching strategy that uses bite-sized segments of content to improve retention, offer a greater mastery of skills, and increase student engagement. S Contact: Erica Nieuwenhuis Company: Bio Sculpture Canada Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 13 A Holistic Approach to Optimizing Digital Experiences Based in Boston, 3 Media Web is an innovative digital marketing and web design agency dedicated to optimizing businesses’ online presence. Over the past 20 years, the agency has helped more than 500 brands grow with holistic strategies that inspire engagement and conversion. The team at 3 Media Web is committed to offering high-quality digital services that transform clients’ marketing through digital experience optimization. Steered by CEO Jessica Hennessey, 3 Media Web develops digital marketing strategies that generate a measurable impact for businesses. Jessica’s influential leadership has led her to receive our award for Web Design & Development CEO of the Year – Massachusetts. At 3 Media Web, the business has adopted a user-centered approach by crafting digital elements that work in harmony to create an exceptional user experience. With a united strategy, clients can optimize their digital presence and grow their brand to achieve sustainable results. 3 Media Web offers website design, support, and digital marketing to help businesses convert users into customers. Its creative team possesses extensive experience in user experience and is dedicated to seeking out new perspectives to enhance their work and achieve success for their clients. Clients’ websites should evolve alongside their businesses in order to create a memorable user experience and support their primary business goals. 3 Media Web employs datadriven digital strategies to help clients make informed decisions. The team formulates clear objectives and KPIs to create a digital transformation roadmap designed to enhance the customer journey. Under Jessica Hennessey’s direction, 3 Media Web provides clients with digital marketing and website design that works holistically to enhance clients’ online presence. The agency has remained steadfast in its core values of collaboration, excellence, and innovation. Its hardworking team works together to embrace challenges and achieve their shared goals. By striving for excellence, the team continues to meet their high standards and consistently exceed customers’ expectations. Staff members pride themselves on integrity and are transparent in their decisions and actions. 3 Media Web fosters innovation and seeks to enhance its services to transform clients’ digital ecosystems. CEO Jessica Hennessey began her career as a financial analyst before moving on to consulting on Oracle financial applications (now known as NetSuite). She later returned to education to obtain a qualification in website design and development. Since then, Jessica has worked in various roles involving finance, IT, marketing, and operations. Her eclectic background informs her management style, allowing her to view situations from multiple vantage points. Before becoming CEO, Jessica led the digital marketing team at 3 Media Web for two years, effectively launching the service offering. She has over 20 years of experience in combining business objectives, technical needs, and digital strategies to achieve successful outcomes for her clients. Jessica shares, “My experiences have taught me what I think are the most important qualities of being a CEO. The first is listening in order to understand what the real underlying issues are, not just surface-level problems. The second is trust-building. It is more than just building relationships with people. It is being honest and transparent, keeping your promises, and admitting mistakes. One of the last qualities needed is being a lighthouse in the storm. You need to be calm and steadfast. You need to be the one to face the biggest waves and the harshest winds. Everyone needs to know you won’t let them down and that you will guide the company safely through tough times.” 3 Media Web is dedicated to ongoing development and providing educational opportunities for its team. Jessica runs monthly meetings where different teams present new technologies and approaches to streamline operations. In lively Slack channels, staff share their knowledge and experiences to stay ahead of the curve. Jessica has created a supportive company culture that prioritizes collaboration and communication, empowering employees to produce their best work. As followers of EOS, the entrepreneurial operating system for running a business, the team’s personal development goals are linked to the business’s objectives. This ensures that everyone is working towards a shared goal and directly contributing to the company’s growth. Jessica Hennessey has recently passed her first year of ownership at the company alongside her business partner, CFO Mary Inman. Looking to the future, Jessica will focus on delivering holistic digital solutions that will enable clients to drive engagement and achieve sustainable results. Through continued innovation and a user-focused approach, 3 Media Web offers clients digital transformation to help them enhance their online presence. Under Jessica’s effective leadership, 3 Media Web will continue to evolve its solutions to meet its own high standards and exceed customers’ expectations. Jessica Hennessey has received our award for Web Design & Development CEO of the Year – Massachusetts. Contact: Ben Duchesney Company: 3 Media Web Web Address: Dec23316

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 9 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 12 n HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is a crucial element of the private rented market housing up to 3 million people in the UK. We all have to start somewhere as investors, and The HMO Platform brand is dedicated to helping individuals with their portfolio growth – offering professional services and education/training for the UK’s aspiring HMO investors and developers. Matt Baker says, “I run our trainings with support from other property professionals and successful investors to ensure our clients have the right people around them to succeed. The HMO Platform focuses on showing anyone – even a complete beginner to investing – how to create quality shared accommodation that makes healthy, sustainable profits. Whereas The Supported Living Platform focuses on training existing property investors and landlords how to break into the supported living sector and provide accommodation specifically suited and created for care and registered providers.” “If you explore residential property, regardless of your investing experience, HMOs get you the most out of each property whilst providing accommodation for more people – a win-win for the investor and the housing market. In terms of supported living, it is a growing sector which attracts a lot of funding, allowing the more experienced investors to get long lease terms. Nobody really teaches this strategy at the moment.” As CEO, Matt lives and breathes the three core values of Property Investor Solutions, which are all about building a community, inspiring creativity, and encouraging individuals to be the best that they can be. The business is devoted to its existing community and does everything it can to forge community connections through helping others. Matt elaborates, “We create properties shared by a number of people from 4 to 20 people living together and sharing spaces. Our goal is to create a community within those properties – what the industry calls “co-living”. Elevating Co-Living in the UK Sussex-based Property Investor Solutions is a highly regarded provider of training and professional services to support individuals wishing to learn more about investing in the UK property market. The business helps others to invest and grow a strong portfolio, ultimately aiding them in increasing their overall income while supporting the housing market in the UK. With two ingenious training brands, The HMO Platform and The Supported Living Platform, Property Investor Solutions has made a significant contribution to the private rented sector. Here we learn more from Matt Baker, our Residential Property Strategy Expert CEO of the Year 2023 – UK. By creating community in those spaces, we can ensure a better living environment and living experience as tenants create meaningful relationships. We also love to build community in our trainings by creating a network of likeminded investors who build great properties and encourage and support each other.” As a close-knit team, Property Investor Solutions has a network of strong connections which help them to truly show up every day – for the business and, ultimately, for the benefit of their clients. They each believe in turning difficult times into windows for opportunity, together. Matt shares, “Be the Best You: This is a reminder to show up with a smile on your face and face any challenge with an attitude that hurdles can be overcome. When you hit a problem, turn to your team and never give up.” With regards to being and staying innovative, Matt adds, “Investing in property requires creativity, from negotiating deals, to raising finance and designing useful spaces for tenants to live in.” Matt’s passion for seeing the bigger picture has led him, and his team, down the path to great success, and Property Investor Solutions’ future looks bright indeed. All of the work that Matt has put in as CEO has stemmed from his naturally entrepreneurial spirit. He has always looked for ways to help others, from his work as a freelance pianist and piano teacher – with his own music school set up to support other piano teachers and musicians – to his first steps within property investing. Quickly gaining momentum within the property training sector, over five years ago, Matt built a name for himself by always listening to his team, choosing the best way forward for the business, and treating everyone as equals – as everyone’s voice is important to him. It’s clear to see why Matt has won Residential Property Strategy Expert CEO of the Year 2023, UK, as his plans of helping even more people begin to unfold. The new year has brought many new opportunities for property investing and development. 2024 means that Property Investor Solutions’ mentoring and education will thrive on a deeper level. If you’re looking for the perfect place to gain more information on how you can succeed in the property investment and development sphere, there’s nothing you can’t learn with the help of Matt and his unique team of property experts. A Contact: Matt Baker Company: Property Investor Solutions Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 9 Booking a Builder Just Got Better Propelled by a mission to ensure that homeowners have the best possible experience when seeking out a tradesperson, be it for trade, material, or product requirements, Book a Builder is the UK’s leading home improvements platform. With an uncontested response time to job posts – the fastest in the industry as a whole – and volume of trades that is has registered, the company had earned immense amounts of success. From being the first and only platform to form strategic partnerships with home improvement retailers, to delivering a service that’s free to use for both homeowners and tradespeople, Book a Builder has managed to set all new records across the market. Partnered with the fact that it is the first platform to achieve over 90,000 tradespeople on a single platform in the UK, in addition to it being the first to market with an end to end Escrow solution, the collective has proven it’s commitment to innovation. And yet, one can’t help but wonder just how this came to be. In 2014, Book a Builder was founded by Bradley Jarvis, a man who was inspired to make the lives of homeowners and tradespeople infinitely easier. As both a former tradesperson and marketeer himself, Bradley had plenty of experience that he could bring to the table. In turn, Book a Builder quickly became quite the notable collective. However, it’s nearly impossible to achieve such a feat on your own, and Bradley is acutely aware of the part that his team has consistently played in the company’s overarching success. As such, Bradley treats his team with a staggering level of respect. Having a close knit family culture – one that consists primarily of families and friends with relationships spanning over fifteen years – Book a Builder represents the collective effort of each individual who helped to turn it into the brilliant platform that it is today. Truly, Bradley believes in uplifting his fellow colleagues, and even once offered his home to a coworker in need when they ran into troubles that rendered them homeless. During this time, not only did Bradley provide them with a place to stay whilst they got back on their feet, but he also utilised Book a Builder to help them rebuild their finances. This example perfectly showcases the individual love that Bradley holds for each person under the company’s umbrella – without them, the platform may never have reached the levels of success it finds itself at today. We believe it’s best to turn our attention to one of Book a Builder’s team members to gain a further understanding of the environment that Bradley has cultivated - “I am really enjoying my time working for Book a Builder UK. It’s the only place I’ve worked where you are spoken to and treated like an adult, and the only place I have worked where my opinion is valued. All the staff are great to work alongside, and the managers are all so nice. The CEO is friendly too - he actually stops to talk to you about your life outside of work and have a good conversation. The training was thorough and covered everything, not just the things the trainer thinks you need to know. All in all, a great place to work!” Bradley Jarvis and his team are a perfect example of how, through an incredible sense of mutual respect, a collective is able to continuously thrive, no matter the challenges that may arise. So, we believe it’s only fitting to award Bradley, Book a Builder, and its extensive group of talented individuals the title of Home Improvements Marketplace CEO of the Year 2023 – London. Contact Details Contact: Bradley Jarvis Company: Book a Builder UK Web Address: Jan24103 Recently presented with the title of Home Improvements Marketplace CEO of the Year 2023 – London, Bradley Jarvis founded Book a Builder with one sole goal in mind - for it to become an online booking platform that’s specifically designed to unite homeowners with the seamless tradesperson booking services that they deserve. Not only is the platform capable of consistently matching a job poster with suitable trades within a matter of mere minutes, but it does so without incurring any additional costs. As such, homeowners are able to seamlessly connect with the perfect services and products for them. Below, we explore how, through creating such a solid internal network, Bradley Jarvis has managed to restructure the industry.

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 11 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 10 Established in 2011, Creature is passionate about making work that real people can’t help but care about. As a creative advertising agency, its team believes in the commercial power of creativity and utilises this power to create effective campaigns for blue chip organisations such as Dunelm, Carling, the British Red Cross, Moonpig, Tetley, and many more. CEO & Founder, Dan Cullen-Shute, is dedicated to transforming the industry for his clients, colleagues, and shareholders, and channelling his people-centric approach into all aspects of his leadership. For his empowering direction, we have bestowed Dan Cullen-Shute with our award for CEO of the Year 2023 (Advertising) – London. Like every creative agency, Creature wants to make great work – but it also wants to leave the industry better than it found it. That means that while other businesses chase headlines, Creature has always chased meaningful change, alongside harnessing what they call ‘intelligent misbehaviour’ to create great advertising, that makes a significant impact in the real world and delivers sustainable results for their clients. More than just a traditional creative agency, in 2017, CullenShute and Andrew Gibson, Creature’s Chief Strategy Officer, launched White Crow, a strategic consultancy division designed to transform the way businesses operate Dan Cullen-Shute: An Advocate for Peoplecentric Advertising and behave as well as communicate, and in turn, deepening their strategic client relationships. White Crow was an example of how Intelligent Misbehaviour could work at a structural level, as well as a creative tool. Where the rest of the advertising industry fretted about the impact consultancies would have on their business, Creature took them on at their own game, developing a series of tools and services that would allow clients to define their brands and businesses from the inside out. That constant drive to innovate has recently led to Creature leading the industry charge on AI, launching a brace of AIdriven strategic and production tools, that allow clients to move faster, and think bigger than they would have been able to in the past. Once again, where other agencies saw threats, Creature saw opportunity. That flexibility and willing to do the unexpected came to the forefront when Covid struck, and Creature shifted to remote-first working long before any lockdowns were announced: and their return to office followed a similar pattern. While other businesses vacillated over getting everyone back in or getting rid of their office space and staying remote, Creature saw an opportunity. Driven, in part, by Cullen-Shute and the rest of the leadership team’s fierce advocacy for flexible working, Creature adopted what they called a 3:2 approach, rooted in structured flexibility (with everyone in the office on the same two consecutive days). As a result, Cullen-Shute’s team were able to harness the great things remote-working had brought (better work/ life balance, more flexibility for parents and carers, and increased efficiency of working) with the effectiveness so many creative businesses enjoy when their teams are working together. It also allowed Creature to recruit talent from further afield: a London agency, no longer limited by London geography. A firm believer that there is nothing more essential to a business’s success than a positive company culture, Creature fosters a welcoming environment with the support of its diverse and passionate team. During a recruitment process designed to be as creative as the work the agency produces, Cullen-Shute’s leadership team seek talented professionals that will add value to every project they touch. Much less important than prior experience or CV is a desire to do brilliant stuff, and to do it in the right way – Creature is full of people who want to have a positive impact, and to do good, as well as to do good work. The positive impact of that culture is evidenced by their low turnover rate of only 11%, compared to the industry average of 36%. On his approach to leadership, Cullen-Shute shares, “A lot of my job is making sure that everything and everyone is okay. It’s easy to run a good business when everything’s going well, but everything won’t always be smooth sailing. Those are the times when you really find out how good you are. It is a CEO’s role to ensure everyone understands the journey they’re on and believes in their ability to succeed. Tenacity, drive, passion, clarity of thought, and clarity of communication—these are the qualities you need, and the things I hope I possess.” As a CEO, he understands the importance of personal and professional development, and through his current role, he hopes to work across more markets on a greater scale. Alongside his own career growth, Cullen-Shute aims to expand his work with the Living Wage Foundation and XLP, a charity dedicated to creating positive futures for young people. Cullen-Shute’s people-centric leadership and dedication to his creative team has led him to receive the honour of a CEO of the Year award. He says, “I’ve worked extremely hard, and I like to think that I’m fairly good at what I do, but I also know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without a great deal of luck and privilege. The truth is, I get more pleasure from seeing people I’ve helped and empowered succeed than I ever will from my own success. A leader is only as good as the team they’re leading, and I’ve worked hard to build a brilliant team at Creature. In a chaotic world that shows no sign of slowing down, I will continue to focus on being good enough for my team, whatever that may mean in the future.” Contact: Dan Cullen-Shute Company: Creature London Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 7 The Power of Transparent Leadership Established in 2014, Intellica Ltd. is an independent provider of data management, business change, and consultancy services within the pensions and financial services industry. The company provides innovative solutions that are technology-focused and tailored to meet clients’ unique business needs. Intellica is dedicated to ensuring clients can access their full pension and helping people achieve a happier retirement. Brendan Doherty, CEO of Intellica and a qualified actuary, has over 20 years’ experience in the life and pensions industry and has utilised his extensive experience to develop the business’s suite of intelligent software solutions. For his dedicated leadership, Brendan Doherty has received our award for Financial Consultancy CEO of the Year – Northwest England. Intellica was established to address the problems associated with poor quality data held in pension schemes, which can result in incorrect pension payments. The wrong data can lead members to receive inaccurate pension amounts at the time they need them most. Intellica has attracted many large pension consultancies and third-party administrators as clients. The company understands the strong responsibility it has for its scheme members, trustees, and sponsoring employers. Since its inception, Intellica has embodied its core values of ingenuity, integrity, and precision, which have provided a strong foundation for the business’s culture. Constellation, its pioneering software platform, enables businesses to complete data validation checks and receive a holistic view of their pension data. Its forensic analysis techniques can help clients plan remediation action and keep their data clean in the future. With dynamic cloudbased dashboards, clients can analyse key data, such as tPR compliance, GMP equalisation, McCloud, and de-risking, to track their company’s progress throughout a project. With years of pension data expertise, the team at Intellica ensures that businesses receive deep insight into their data journeys and make the decisions required to achieve success. In the dynamic pensions and financial sector, there are constant challenges with changing legislation, market volatility, sponsoring employer issues, scheme de-risking, and more. Intellica’s technologydriven solutions allow the business to overcome these challenges and enable clients to act in a timely manner. In 2020, CEO Brendan Doherty was not only navigating the issues associated with lockdown but also buying out his original co-founder. At the end of 2020, Brendan and his team launched Intellica 2.0 which has been a rewarding venture that has delivers consistent success to clients. People reside at the heart of Intellica, and several skilled team members have been with the business since its inception. Brendan has nurtured an inclusive team that is dedicated to incorporating feedback into its company culture. Managers communicate transparently with all staff to encourage dialogue and collaboration. This approach has fostered a relaxed working environment which enables employees to produce their best work. Intellica has recently moved into new offices in the iconic Royal Liver building in Liverpool which has offered the team a dedicated home base. On his leadership style, CEO Brendan Doherty shares, “I aim to be open and honest with all stakeholders, staff, clients, and suppliers alike. As the business has grown, my personal style has evolved but I stay true to openness and honesty. I have been heavily influenced by my family’s values, particularly by my parents’ immense work ethic, honesty, and positivity. However, I’ve also been fortunate to work with many outstanding leaders throughout my career and have tried to incorporate their best parts into my own style. This is a constantly evolving process.” Over the coming year, Intellica aims to continue offering its advanced solutions and nurturing existing relationships. The company will also explore opportunities to expand its operations and acquire new clients by entering adjacent market areas. On a personal level, Brendan Doherty says, “I am committed to taking each day as it comes and grabbing opportunities as they arise. I want to experience all I can as the business evolves. I am a great believer that you should be learning, no matter how small, on a daily basis.” Intellica’s innovative solutions provide businesses with a thorough understanding of their data and help customers access their full pension. Its advanced software provides clients with a comprehensive view of their data which allows them to track their progress and make informed decisions. Spearheaded by Brendan Doherty, Intellica tailors its solutions to meet clients’ unique needs and deliver positive outcomes to the challenges in data management. Under Brendan’s transparent leadership, clients will continue to benefit from the company’s years of experience, innovative technology, and collaborative company culture. For his role in driving change and improvement in the industry, Brendan Doherty has received our award for Financial Consultancy CEO of the Year – Northwest England. Contact: Brendan Doherty Company: Intellica Ltd. Web Address: Nov23508

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 13 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 1 2024 7 Finding the People that Change Businesses A game-changer in the world of talent recruitment, ECS Resource Group proudly provides expert solutions that enable companies both nationwide and across Europe to successfully navigate the digital landscape we today find ourselves in. Spearheading this operation is Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2023 - West Midlands awardee Chris Evans, who boasts more than 30 years of direct industry experience, building teams that are consistently focused and determined to deliver excellent quality across a flexible service. Even after more than three decades traversing the industry, Chris remains as dedicated as ever to working closely with clients in order to measurably assist them in improving the overall performance of their businesses, a feat achieved by providing only the very best in IT resources and client service. ECS Resource Group fully understands that it is people who change businesses, and to this end, the team remain wholeheartedly committed to driving digital transformation through expert resource delivery. With extensive experience providing specialist resources and recruitment services across IT, telecoms, and engineering, the company and its team have come to fully understand and embrace the challenges that many companies face in regard to both talent recruitment and retaining the best talent already on the payroll. Through its expert services, the company can remedy these issues with a host of expert solutions, tailored to allow clients to thrive in a modern business landscape. At the very heart of ECS Resource Group’s success is its team of experts who are led from the front, with CEO and Recruitment Business Strategist Chris Evans at the helm. Chris’ unwavering commitment to his clients accurately reflects the ethos of the business as a whole and serves as a testament to ECS Resource Group’s unrelenting drive to push digital transformation and innovate recruitment services constantly. Guiding the company through this process are a series of core values, comprising of consistency, innovation, integrity, knowledge, and transparency, which combine to create the business’ solid foundations that all subsequent success has been built upon. The company’s standout offerings are its “Resource as a Service” and “Technical Recruitment Services” solutions respectively, with both of these being designed and implemented for the purposes of enabling clients to effectively overcome the difficulties of recruiting in a modern setting, with results being delivered that are sure to exceed expectations. After all, having the right talent for the job is essential for staying both competitive and relevant, so affording this task to an award-winning company with more than three decades of experience is a great way to ensure continuous success. Aiding the company in achieving success for its clients is a keen mission and vision, with both of these proudly being upheld every single day. ECS Resource Group’s mission is to work with IT solutions businesses in order to deliver outstanding resources to every client taken under its wing. The team are passionate about being the first choice for exceptional contractors and candidates seeking new endeavours and attracting to their cause the most talented professionals looking for a rewarding career in the field of recruitment. In a similar vein, Chris and the team are proud of the company’s heritage and track record, and thus possess a vision to uphold this standard and continuously exceed expectations. In the past year alone, ECS Resource Group has carried out some stellar work, partnering with Ricoh in order to implement a 5G Telecommunications National Programme. The team were tasked with assembling a variety of squads across the programme, starting from the ground and working their way up. Using elements of its proven Technical Recruitment Services programme, employees quickly built-up pools of talent comprised of specialist contractors, with everybody being fully qualified and available to start almost immediately. Phase 1 of the project was completed swiftly and under budget, and phase 2 is now underway, with more than 95% of the previous phase’s consultants having been recalled. One does not just have to take our word for it, as ECS Resource Group’s incredibly impressive 4.3/5 rating based on 24 Google reviews and a further remarkable 4.5/5 rating from 15 votes on Glassdoor speak for themselves, acting as strong endorsements for the company’s unique ability to expertly traverse the IT and recruitment landscapes with equal effectiveness. It is for these reasons that Chris Evans is more than deserving of this award, successfully managing a company that exists at the very forefront of the digital transformation industry, and we wish Chris and the entire team the best of luck for 2024 and beyond. Company: ECS Resource Group Web Address: Nov23252

CEO MONTHLY / CEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2023 14 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2024 8 Delighting Donors Equals More Donations t the very heart of Givecloud is an ambitious team who possess a shared desire to do their best work alongside likeminded individuals who do the same, ultimately contributing to making the world a better place. As CEO Josh Bloomfield aptly puts it, “great people, helping great people, do great things.” It is the overarching ambition of the team to make the dream of a world where nonprofits are free to focus all of their time and efforts on making a true impact into reality, using state-of-the-art online software to streamline the fundraising efforts of such organisations, raising their profits, building effective, lasting donor relationships, and keeping their resources focused solely on the mission by handling the rest. Despite being immensely proud to head up this operation, Josh has never been a huge fan of the idea of leadership, a concept that seems to have followed around his whole life, as the eldest child, frontman of a band, and the most outgoing member of his faith community. As he explains, “I was well into my early 30’s by the time leadership transformed from a weight I carried on my shoulders to a gift I cherished. I began to see the difference I could make in the lives of others - being able to see treasures in others they couldn’t see themselves and nurture that treasure.” When one possesses qualities such as this, people have a habit of following. It was 2017 when Josh was faced with somewhat of an ultimatum, start a company, Nov23626 With more than seven years of CEO experience under his belt, Donation Platform CEO of the Year 2023 – Canada Josh Bloomfield heads up Givecloud, a human-first tech company that serves to empower nonprofit organisations across the world, utilising pioneering fundraising solutions that not only change, but enhance, interaction with a brand, resulting in delighted donors that are proud to advocate for a cause and donate generously to it. Bolstered by world-class technology and a stellar, dedicated workforce, Givecloud achieves profit goals while putting the fun back in fundraising. Josh tells us more about this noble cause and the triumphs that have led to him receiving this title. A or become a minister. Through the latter, Josh believed he would be trapped within his local community, unable to fulfil his ambitions of making a limitless impact, something that both thrilled and terrified him in equal measure. On the back of limited business experience, having worked jobs in everything from government grant management to enterprise commerce, grocery supply chains, and property appraisal services, a range of tech and market experience would become the foundation that Givecloud was built atop of. Whilst Josh was used to relying on himself, it was the relying on other people that initially troubled him. Josh tells us, “if Givecloud has taught me anything, it’s that the most fulfilling and sustainable business success comes not at the cost of people, but for the sake of people.” Today, Givecloud has an internal culture that prizes true care – for customers and each other. This new foundation quickly replaced Josh’s experience and is stronger and more stable foundation to build from, as it seeps into the company’s values in a way that a poster on the wall or a training manual never could, it is in the heart of the team now and a necessity for every subsequent team member that will be hired. Josh explains, “it bleeds into our customer interactions, into our product, into our code, into our partnerships, into everything we do.” This makes Givecloud special, but it is not the only way that this company has distinguished itself, with key emphasis being placed on what can only be called an obsession when it comes to providing the premier donor experience. Across the space, many of the competitors the business faces are focused solely on facilitating an online transaction. Things are a little different at Givecloud, as Josh describes. “Our passion lies in the nuance of creating online experiences that really connect with the heart of the donor. A delighted donor is a more devoted donor. A devoted donor donates more, donates quicker, donates again, and tells their community about it.” Central to this passion is the aforementioned team, with everything reverting back to integrity, hard work, and initiative. When it comes to what is expected, Josh admits that an almost impossible balance has to be struck – “a grit to do their best work, a humility to grow, and a deep care for our customers and their co-workers.” For Josh, “seeing and helping others do their best work, whether it’s a co-worker or customer, amplifies a sense of deeper purpose. The outcome is we build a better product, drive higher profits, […] invest in people.” Through this commitment, a pecking order has been solidified that puts people first. People, product, profit is an ethos that Josh and the team remain steadfast in their commitment to. Operating within the fundraising sector is not easy however, and with many nonprofits being operated by ambitious individuals with plans to change the world, feed the hungry, heal the sick, and so on, it seems almost counter-intuitive that society makes these individuals beg for money from those in suits. Oftentimes, those who provide their money to such organisations expect regular updates on how this money has made as a difference, hindering the owners of such nonprofits who work tirelessly to try and execute the core mission of their organisation. Trying to remedy these issues is a challenge that the team face constantly, and something that can be achieved to an impressive degree by Givecloud’s patented Causemos technology. Technology of this calibre has allowed donors to donate to causes with confidence, while simultaneously empowering the organisation to use a process of social fidelity (leveraging such indispensable elements as social media channels) to verify a donor’s impact, ensuring the donor feels a connection and that they have truly made a difference to the cause. A programmer by trade, Josh has relished the opportunity to create and hone such technology, but other elements of running the business have certainly taken him some getting used to. He tells us, “learning how to lead, trust, and empower others has been a challenge - especially when they’re far more seasoned at their trade than myself. It’s been very uncomfortable hiring senior leaders, from lofty companies like Shopify, Blackberry, and Lightspeed, then feeling the pressure to live up to the standards of leadership and execution they’re accustomed to.” Of course, it has been essential for Josh to do so, so