Central Europe Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Central Europe Business Awards 7 , INNSEALS Dichtungstechnik Recognised Leaders in Sealing Technology Solutions 2018 CEN18003 Innseals covers all requirements in the field of sealing technology and offers general added value for customers through a wide range of product and manufacturing know-how. We profile the firm to learnmore and explore how far it has come over the years. industry, mechanical engineering, energy industry. Fundamentally, due to the steadily growing demands on sealing elements as well as the rapid development of seal geometries and sealing materials, it is almost impossible for most users to keep track of the sealing world. The essential question about the best, most economical and most durable seal is therefore not easy to answer. To ensure that clients receive the support they need, the firm treats customers, suppliers and business partners with confidence and respect. Their way of working is characterized by integrity and honesty to ensure excellence. This is where Innseals positions itself, so that clients know that they are only receiving the very best when they work with this dynamic company, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future. The team at Innseals are constantly looking for new solutions, optimize processes and invest in the future. They act with precision and determination and see change as an opportunity, and this will help the company to flourish over the years to come. Based on many years of experience and the diverse industry knowledge, Innseals offer a fundamental added value for its valued customers. Today, the firm is a dynamic, global supplier of high performance o-rings, shaft seals, engineered parts and various high-performance fluid seal products and related knowledge- based services to a wide range of industrial sectors like including the food and pharma industry, medical Contact Details Company: INNSEALS Dichtungstechnik Address: Diesseits 253, St. Martin/Innkreis, A-4973, Austria Phone: 43 (0) 7751 – 21301 Mail: [email protected] Web Address: www.innseals.at

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