Central Europe Business Awards 2018

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Central Europe Business Awards , ennox biogas technology GmbH Best Industrial Gas Equipment Provider 2018 ennox biogas technology GmbH is one of the leading biogas treatment, gas storage technology and gas flaring technology providers, offering a wide range of innovative solutions to its valued clients. We profile the firm to learnmore about its vast service offering and expertise. CEN18004 Since its inception in 2011 ennox has flourished, and today the firm manufactures and supplies components to clients around the world, providing them with anything from single components to complete gas systems. Focusing on gas side of biogas plants, WWTP and landfill gas plants, the firm draws on its specialist knowledge to offer clients a truly exceptional level of support and service. The team never sell products that the client does not need, and works alongside them to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their purchase. Greatly confident in their product offering, the team at ennox work hard to ensure that their Contact Details Company: ennox biogas technology GmbH Contact: Falk Russow Address: Neulandstrasse 36, Hard, 6971, Austria Phone: 43 5574 66 4 88-31 Website: www.ennox.at clients know that when they buy from them, they are buying quality. Technique, rather than profit, is central to the firm’s approach, and this ensures quality and reliability for clients, and differentiates ennox from its competitors, many of whom focus on making money rather than producing quality products that their clients can rely on. Ultimately, ennox is an innovative company dedicated to constantly adapting its solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of its valued clients. Currently, the firm’s team is enhancing its knowledge on pyrolysis gas cleaning and combustion to support clients in this area. The company is also seeking to improve its share of the South American and African markets, so that it can support an even wider array of clients over the years to come.

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