2021 Global CEO Excellence Awards

8 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 9 , May21320 Best Cosmetic Health Services MD 2021: Sam Cinkir EsteMedical Group Ltd is amedical cosmetics group putting people first at every turn. Each member of its staff, guided by the expert hand of the CEO SamCinkir, believes in the principles that it was founded on, in that everyone should be able to access cosmetic medical treatments should they wish to. One by one, EsteMedical Group is breaking down the barriers that clients may face when trying to arrange such treatments for themselves or their loved ones. Este Medical Group is a company pushing the boundaries of cosmetic healthcare. Fundamentally, its work has benefitted from 25 years of excellence in its industry, striving to deliver treatments administered by its exemplary staff in a professional, safe, clinical environment. Sam Cinkir, the founder, is one of the leading minds in cosmetic healthcare services in the UK and all across the world, and this is something he has been able to apply as he drives Este Medical Group to the forefront of its industry; nowadays, Este Medical Group is the leading skin and hair specialist as a result. Moreover, with branches across the UK in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Sutton Coldfield, Sam’s aim is to expand even further. With his milestone goal of opening more branches in a minimum of 30 cities and towns across the UK getting closer by the day, he is currently casting his eyes towards loftier goals, specifically regarding building a hospital for surgical needs. He looks forward to achieving this, as it will allow him to continually serve his clients in a comprehensive and diligent manner, even more able to provide a solution to all their medical cosmetic needs. At present, the UK branches look after non-surgical procedures, and the surgical procedures are carried out at the Este Medical Hospital in Turkey. The latter includes hair transplants, plastic surgery, and more. Sam himself is from Turkey, and moved from the region after growing up in a small local village there, seeking a better life in the UK for himself and his family where he found his passion for skin clinics and cosmetic healthcare by working for an existing medical cosmetics company. Furthermore, it was working for this company that he worked his way up to general manager and began to develop the leadership skills that he currently applies to guiding the team at Este Medical Group. Also, whilst in this position, he worked to experiment with and develop his own hair loss treatment. Sam’s idea, however, was shot down by his boss of the time. He then took his idea and decided to go it alone, kicking off him entrepreneurial journey and setting up Este Medical Group in the year of 2015. This, in essence, has allowed him to build Este Medical Group into exactly what he wished to see of the medical cosmetic company experience he had, shaping it into what could be future of its industry. He knows that the future of cosmetic aesthetics is the new and the bold, and he wishes to bring this to a market segment that is crying out for it with safe, diligent, and deeply researched solutions, reassuring clients that whilst his services are innovative, they have benefitted from rigorous testing and in-depth procedures in order to make them reliable. In tandem with this, he is committed to ensuring anyone can access his services, no matter their age, economic background, postcode, religion, gender, or race. Additionally, the CEO’s guiding philosophy is one of putting customer care at the forefront of their business model, as he knows that the person themselves will drastically alter the Best Cosmetic Health Services MD 2021: Sam Cinkir kind of treatment they need and how it must be carried out. It will always strive to work with a client to make their aesthetic cosmetic dreams a reality, no matter their budget, forever holding to his belief in making the medical aesthetics industry more inclusive. Crucially, this is made possible by Sam and his staff. He has chosen each one of them not just for their expertise in their industry, but for the brilliance of their attitudes; each of them mirroring his attitude towards their clientele in ensuring they are always at the forefront of concerns, garnering trust amongst their clientele by earning it over time. This has ensured that Este Medical Group has cultivated a reputation for brilliant customer service and has also earned them a vast roster of customers, including returning clientele that make it their one- stop-shop for medical cosmetics. Este Medical Group, in addition, has been awarded an ISO accreditation for quality and standards both. The recognition of work they do for clients, alongside the standards they have in general, is something that Sam is exceedingly proud of across the board, and what has secured it this accreditation – one that Sam is sure will soon be joined by many more similar accolades. Este Medical Group treats over 200 patients a day at present, operating seven days a week in order to ensure that clients can always visit them in their own time and on a day that is convenient for them, able to work around a client’s own schedule and the business of their individual lives. In an industry such as medical cosmetics, Este Medical Group is used to seeing the price lists of its peers and understanding why many customers tend to balk at the idea of going forward with cosmetic work. Fundamentally, this is especially true when it comes to the delivery of quality results and is the reason that Sam is so passionate about his work, striving to work with clients so that they can afford the quality they deserve and the safe procedures they require without bankrupting themselves. Moreover, Sam is a team player, and knows that in order to allow his staff to be so client focused, he must focus on them. He invests significant effort into each of his team members as a result, focused on their wellbeing and on making himself the type of boss he would like to have had, one that encourages new ideas and supports personal professional development, ensuring each of them is in the best place to offer their best work to a client. His priority is their welfare, wellbeing, and motivation level, as to work in skin, hair, and healthcare, one must always be willing to work with high levels of sensitivity, understanding, and empathy. Este Medical Group cultivates an attitude of non-judgemental help throughout everything it does in this manner, delivering added value to the business’s work as a result. Furthermore, it prizes working with a smile. In this manner, a client can always expect a warm and kind welcome from Sam and his staff when entering an Este Medical Group medical clinic, as they work hard to make the company the biggest cosmetic company in the UK within the next 5 years by mentoring young entrepreneurs and helping shape the next generation of medical cosmetic professionals. Company: Este Medical Group Ltd Contact: Sumit Kumar Website: estemedicalgroup.uk