2021 Global CEO Excellence Awards

22 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 23 , , Best Parcel Shipping Management CEO 2021: Geoffrey Finlay Logistyx Technologies has made a name for itself as a leader when it comes to combining the latest technology and the need for modern logistics. Since 2017, it has grown to cover all areas of cost control with a global network of carriers to hand. For businesses around the world, Logistyx is an invaluable resource. The leadership of its CEO, Geoffrey Finlay, has seen him recognised in CEOMonthly’s Global CEO Excellence Awards 2021. We take a closer look to discover more. In just four years, Logistyx has become a household name for many organizations, and an invaluable addition to many others. The team is a vital part of the supply chain, helping global retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers ship parcels on time, in full, and on budget. Thousands of organisations, including the world’s top brands, depend on their solutions to deliver the results they need when they need it most. Since the concept was conceived and the business formed, Geoffrey Finlay has been a key part of proceedings. While a new company, he brought with him over thirty-five years of software global company leadership which was ideally suited for the occasion. Mr. Finlay has held many positions as both CEO and Chairman of highly successful public and PE backed companies delivering enterprise level solutions to global companies. It is this incredible knowledge of the industry which allows him to be the driving force behind the company’s award-winning strategy and eventual success. Of course, when Mr. Finlay began his journey with Logistyx, Most Innovative Personal Fitness Business Leader: Pat Corkum – Atlantic Canada Pat Corkumopened Dynamic Training Centre (DTC) because he wanted tomake a change in peoples’ lives for the better and promote fitness. Being the only specialised TRX Suspension Training Facility in Canada, TRX is its foundation, which is basically summed up as doing proper movement patterns and range of motionwithout adding an increased load on your spine and joints whilst using your body weight as resistance. DTC progressed from there to become specialised with injuries and limitations whichmake it amuch different gymand training centre than any other facility in Fredericton. DTC believes that a healthy lifestyle and access to proper exercise instruction should be accessible to all. Whether clients choose to train alone, with friends, or in a large group, DTC provides affordable, professional training using state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience. Company owner, elite trainer and TRX head coach, Pat Corkum has been directly involved in the fitness industry since 2007, and indirectly involved since 1997. Over the years, he has seen too many individuals healthy, unhealthy, and injured not get the help they needed or wanted for various reasons. He and his team strive to teach sports- and martial arts-inspired cardio workouts along with a variety of hi-low impact classes for those who have never worked out, have any type of injury or limitation which stops them exercising, or are just looking for someone to give them that extra push to get them to the next level. The client will be asked what it is they are looking for in order to determine whether a DTC service can be matched to them. The company is not afraid to tell he didn’t just bring his own knowledge. The combined expertise of his incredible team has been invaluable at every stage. There is a remarkable depth of knowledge about parcel shipping solutions in all areas of the company, with a strong executive team that is able to lead by example. Thanks to this, the firm is unique in being able to support global enterprise customers from locations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA and Canada. Logistyx Technologies has exceeded even Mr. Finlay’s wildest expectations. The firm’s cloud based multi carrier shipping software has allowed enterprise and mid-market companies to ship parcels anywhere in the world using the best possible carrier rates, with full visibility and traceability for its on time, on target delivery. The impressive integrated Control Tower and Business intelligence functions not only cover cost control, but have found support in the form of a global network of compliant carriers. Industry analysts have quickly come to see the power that Logistyx holds, with the team’s unique offering allowing them to emerge as the clear global leader in cloud-based parcel shipping solutions. Over 650 customers, in multiple industries and sectors, depend on the work that the team do. Even in the challenging year of 2020, the team were able to take charge of the shipment of over 2 billion packages using a small team of 180 employees in 7 global locations. The power and deployment of technological solutions was essential to this, and guided from the top by the firm’s impressive CEO. When a business turns to Logistyx, they turn to a team that is capable of handing every shipping scenario to over 170 countries. Under the guidance of Geoffrey Finlay, the firm has become renowned across multiple sectors. We celebrate his incredible achievement and look forward to what he does next. Company: Logistyx Technologies Name: Geoffrey Finlay Email: [email protected] May21481 May21311 a new prospect that they may be better off going to a different facility which will focus on their specific goals, and it will provide recommendations to them. For those who want to join DTC, it tries not to take money up front and gets them to have a go at a workout first so they can experience it before committing to a membership. It is important that DTC remains flexible and pays attention to the needs of its members. As the needs and demands change, so does DTC. It will never be 100% satisfied with its facility, because if it is, then it has no new goals to achieve. If it is never 100% satisfied, then it will continue to grow and expand its knowledge and education, and keep introducing new programmes and training styles, ultimately continuing to adapt to the current needs and goals of its clientele. However, this has been made harder with the pandemic and current government mandates in place. It has meant limited capacity, limited facility options, social distancing, etc., making it difficult to operate a fitness facility and attempt to make profit. Before the pandemic, business was booming for DTC as its facility is so specialized. It is now hoping for a massive boom once the end of the pandemic arrives, so it is just trying to hang on a bit longer until everyone wants to go out and socialise and workout again. Indeed, DTC has faced its challenges – And when it first started out, the challenges were simple: how do you sell a great product that no one knows about? That was the main thing when opening. Constant online presence, word of mouth, conferences, tradeshows, etc. just to get the word out, as well as creating its own fitness day for the city to promote much more than just its services. Now when it comes to TRX, everyone in the entire province knows that DTC is the place and that Pat Corkum is the TRX expert. DTC eliminated competition by offering a superior product and by constantly evolving it – With its TRX training constantly evolving, it was easy to eliminate the competition as they never evolved and only offered the same thing with no changes. It is Pat who creates and develops everything and everyone knows that it is his show. With the years of experience, outside- the-box thinking and constant communicating with members and asking what they like or think and learning from it, he continues to excel at everything that is DTC. Now, in terms of the future, DTC is looking forward to getting back to normal business practices. Beyond that, it is always looking at expanding its services and opening future facilities. Once it is fully satisfied that the next facility will offer the same quality and service as the primary one, it will seek to put expansion plans into action. Company: Dynamic Training Centre Contact: Pat Corkum Email: [email protected] Website: www.dynamictrainingcentre.ca