2021 Global CEO Excellence Awards

20 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021 21 , , May21425 May21383 Best Construction Equipment Rental Business CEO (USA): Elizabeth Loge CBS Rentals was a company supplying the construction industry with reliable and trustworthy equipment rental across the board. With an in-depth historical pedigree, CEO Elizabeth Loge cut her teeth on helping it carve out a name for itself in its industry for decades, using the lessons she taught it and it taught her over her tenure to take her career to greater heights. Since the year 1965, CBS Rentals was making itself a darling of its industry with continually excellent service in managing people, timelines, and budgets. It was its belief that people shouldn’t have to worry about the equipment that is being supplied to them, that a customer should always be able to implicitly trust their equipment supplier, especially in the industries of construction and development where there are such tight deadlines and small margins for error. Fundamentally, it made itself the supply company that understands the client’s project with empathic and sensitive customer service, working hard to get an in-depth and broad knowledge of the client’s project, their goals, and their responsibilities, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to calls and demands. CBS Rentals, in essence, made itself more than a supplier, it makes itself a business partner. This is something that CEO Elizabeth Loge was keen on fostering. It therefore found itself able to support leading construction industry firms across a number of regions in the USA, such as Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico, bolstered by its reputation as a family-owned business that was personally committed to the people and communities that it worked with. Although it has recently been bought out, the work the management team conducted within its ranks is sure to follow them for the rest of their careers, having developed truly outstanding management standards in its industry, with each person being a dedicated, focused, and highly trained individual who has a passion for the industry and the people who operate within it to create the best constructions for their clients. In essence, each of them embodied all of the core beliefs of CBS Rentals, and Elizabeth Loge led this charge with over 20 years of experience in the field of commercial and industrial construction equipment rental. Having joined CBS Rentals in the year of 2014, she progressed through the ranks quickly and held down several roles within the rental industry prior to this company, such as several senior management positions in various business units, handling everything from credit, sales, to process improvements, fleet management, and operations. A dynamic and driven executive, Elizabeth spearheaded improvements and developments within CBS Rentals to ensure it remained as competitive and flexible as possible. This, in essence, proves consistently imperative in an industry as changeable as construction, and she is looking forward to taking her extraordinary skills forward onto the next stage of her career as the CBS Chapter closes. Additionally, she has also been a pioneer within the company in leading its diversity and inclusion initiatives, another element she is keen to carry on. She launched its Women Leaders of CBS Rentals program, an exemplary initiative that allowed her to begin changing the company’s internal operations for the better, ensuring that everyone within the company had equal opportunity to progress their own careers. Elizabeth, over the years, has proven through her actions her dedication to changing the stereotypes held within her industry, and breaking down the barriers women face when it comes to carving out a professional life within rental, allowing her to become one of the professionals leading the industry into a more inclusive future. Company: CBS Rentals Contact: Elizabeth Loge Website: teamcbs.com Law Firm CEO of the Year (Brazil): Ronaldo Martins Based in São Paulo, but with branches in Brasilia, Fortaleza, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, RonaldoMartins & Advogados works with associates, partners, and correspondents both nationally and internationally in order to offer legal services that promote growth for its client’s businesses. In this manner, it ensures that its core priority is contributing to increasing business productivity, making legal information accessible to its stakeholders in order to give them the leg up they need. Ronaldo Martins & Advogados offers legal services across a wide swathe of industry verticals and companies, focusing specifically on business development for its clients, integrating legal services with corporate professional development. Its online e-book takes its client through its dedication to labour reform, and it is in an amazing position as one of the world’s 500 most admired law firms to add value and progress to its clients’ business models, listed in the 5th position amongst the best law firms in the tax category. Additionally, the media heralds it as one of the best in the business across the board, listed in the ANEFAC magazine in one of their articles detailing how to protect one’s business heritage. In all of its work, its mission is to succeed in leading the way for legal firms in the modern market. Recognising how this has globalised over time, Ronaldo Martins & Advogados seeks to break with the normal standards and traditions of worldwide law firms, heralding a new era of operation for such companies that will influence a new standard of knowledge, whilst also demystifying the law. In this way, it can also apply its overall values. Essentially, these have formed the pillars upon which the rest of its operations have been developed, such as obeying and following strict rules; this includes both the rules that it keeps internally, as well as the letter of the law, allowing it to remain an exemplary level of consistent service when handling its client’s cases. First and foremost, it aims not to expose its clients’ companies to risk – directly and indirectly – meaning that it will always have contingencies set up, allowing Ronaldo Martins & Advogados to work seamlessly around their existing assets. This, in part, is made possible by the diligence and tenacity of the founding partner, Ronaldo Martins. After setting up the headquarters in São Paulo, Ronaldo Martins was able to apply his years of experience and knowledge in the industries of tax, national and international planning, development, and labour or corporate law, as well as business management, such as mergers, acquisitions, and IPO. All of this is emboldened by the education he earned in graduating from the Faculty of Law in Mackenzie University in 1984. Before all of that, he cut his teeth working for the implementation of Fiat Autómoveis in Brazil, Betim, and the Fiat Allis tractor plant in Contagem-MG. Moreover, he gained directorial experience in becoming a leading legal director for one of the largest national business groups in the information technology field until 1990, when Ronaldo Martins & Advogados was founded with the benefit of all this background behind it. Currently, he is able to ensure Ronaldo Martins & Advogados partakes in many mergers and acquisitions, consolidating his breadth and depth of industry acumen into making the company the best it can be, carrying out transactions between national and international companies alike. He has, in this manner, become extremely proficient in the management of business tax planning through tax mitigation or optimisation, allowing clients to minimise the burden of taxation and be legally compliant. The assets held by Ronaldo Martins & Advogados are thusly the intellectual capital of the team itself, represented by its staff of partners, lawyers, interns, employees, and even clientele – after all, what makes this company such an exemplary law firm is that it is powered by people. It invests in everyone who walks through its doors, offering consistent and exemplary training and upskilling to its staff, and always keeping its clients at the forefront of its mind in order to allow them to adopt a new, strategic direction, that will allow them to tap into a new era of enhanced business development. Company: Ronaldo Martins & Advogados Contact: Rodrigo Martins Website: ronaldomartins.adv.br