2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 79 10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2021 , The Legal Services of the Future Led by expert and specialist solicitor Gary Gallen – who has over 25 years of experience in defence and prosecution – rradar is a commercial lawfirmon the front lines of the digital age. Leading the way in helping an old industry to learn new tricks, Gary Gallen has been proactively providing his clients with expert legal services in digital and insurance innovation, making him the ‘CEO of the Year’ for 2021 in the United Kingdom. rradar is a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that has been striving to be the herald of a new age for its industry. With legal expertise represented by the knowledge of its CEO, Gary Gallen, and its wider team, as well as business solutions and ground-breaking digital tools, it seeks to be proactive and outstanding when it comes to managing, educating, and advising its clientele. This exemplary work has quickly propelled it into the spotlight. Fundamentally, it doesn’t just stop at legal excellence, either. rradar was launched in Hull in East Yorkshire in 2012; from these humble beginnings, it has expanded exponentially to a team of over 140 full-time employees, four strategic offices, and a turnover of £10 million as of last year. Furthermore, this expansion shows no signs of slowing. Its recruitment drive is still massively successful, and it is in the process of securing its first corporate acquisitions, bolstered by a team that provides the best representation to a myriad of diverse and exemplary clients who occupy places across all manner of industries and scales. Moreover, the excellence that has formed a key aspect of its business personality has been something that the founder himself brought to the table. He never settles for second best, working to achieve the bigger picture goals of the company – ‘today the UK, tomorrow the world’ – whilst still zeroing in on the details that require the attention of the rradar team. Its three service areas cover digital tools, legal services, and business solutions. With such a dynamic and changeable world to operate in and a finger on the pulse of the legislation that governs this, it promises to help its clients to identify and minimise any and all potential risks to their businesses with rradarrisk, and the implementation of rradargrace brings this to its clients’ smartphones. By turning exemplary legal services into a functional application, rradar provides an intelligent and elegant legal assistant who answers queries, questions, or concerns, and provides access to a comprehensive resource directory. Furthermore, when it comes to its work, it takes pride in having ‘ripped up the rulebook’. It helps its clients shrug off the bloated and overcomplicated workings of traditional legal help in favour of something sophisticated, modern, and bespoke, that is perfectly fit for helping them thrive in contemporary business. Gary Gallen, in this manner, ensures that this remains true by keeping rradar a learning business that is forever striving to become better and better. By following simple lessons of conviction, hard work, and collaboration when leading his team, he and his staff have pulled through the challenges of 2020 in order to focus on the bright future that is surely ahead, and using the tenacity and diligence he has shown throughout his career to bring both rradar and its clients into a new era of legal services. Company: rradar Contact: Gary Gallen Website: https://www.rradar.com/ Jul21414