2021 CEO of the Year

56 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2021 19 , When an investor is looking at a business, they aren’t just looking for a good product. They are looking to ensure that they are going to be making a sound investment. Working with an experienced name like Mr. Hay and the incredible team behind Elysian Fields is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing that every part of your business doesn’t just look the part, but is actually the part. When it comes to growing to new heights of success, it pays to have the building blocks recommended by Mr. Hay and Elysian Fields firmly in place. Company: Elysian Fields Name: Fergus Hay Email: [email protected] Sep21135 The Power of Branding A great product isn’t enough to achieve success in the modern day and age. To truly thrive in today’s society, a great product must be supported by specific targets in terms of who to sell to and creating a space in the market for the product to flourish within. These factors are just as important when it comes to defining the trajectory of growth. When Mr. Hay founded Elysian Fields, he wanted to create a consultancy which could help progressive businesses secure unfair advantages in their pursuit of growth. The firm operates as a fundraising and marketing advisory and is designed to make a real difference to the operations of businesses around the world. This formidable challenge was one he was well equipped for, with a proven track record in commercial transformation, product innovation and growth. Mr. Hay has been proud to create a space which has expanded beyond the purview of traditional agencies and engages with a discrete network of elite founders, investors and sector specialists. He works closely with various founders, venture capitalists and business leaders to not only develop this network, but to expand the reach of his company. Having worked around the world, based in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore To succeed in business, entrepreneurs are always looking for an unfair advantage. Though his firm, Elysian Fields, Fergus Hay has adapted his considerable skill inmarketing to assisting businesses in their growth and development. Named as one of CEOMonthly’s CEO of the Year, 2021 – London, the United Kingdom, we thought it time to explore precisely what Mr. Hay is offering to the community at large. and now London, Mr. Hay knows the power behind almost every market and the strengths that go into making them a success. It’s this incredible skill and knowledge that he brings to his clients at Elysian Fields. Often the clients that Mr. Hay works with are venture-backed start-ups, normally in series A to series B level. These organisations have made enormous promises to investors and need to build traction and gain customers to create tangible results and returns. Elysian Fields is built on a model that exploits all of the potential levers for growth, from commercial models to brand building to building a sales team. His work takes a holistic view, not simply focusing on marketing but on ensuring the pillars of good business practice are firmly in place. The principles that Mr. Hay developed and became successful for in marketing have continued to serve him well during his time at Elysian Fields. While branding might not seem like a calculation in the success of a business, it helps to define a company’s position as well as how it stands out from the competition. By considering all of these factors, he has been able to make a real difference to the success of many of the company he and his team advise.