2021 CEO of the Year

52 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 10 ISSUE 8 2021 , A Leader with a Team Intoware is a SaaS company focused on providing solutions for the connected worker. It has developed amobile-first designed workflow automation tool calledWorkfloPlus to aid digital transformation for business that gives productivity, simplicity, connectivity and accountability. Keith Tilley, CEO and winner of CEO of the Year, 2021 – United Kingdom, tells us more. Keith Tilley, CEO of the Nottinghambased firm, Intoware explains the ins and outs of the company, its offerings and what moral the business holds. “Intoware’s vision is to be the first-choice partner for the connected workforce. Although the way it works has already been changed by industry 4.0 technologies, billions of business-critical tasks are still manual or paper-based. These processes are difficult to audit, can be easily lost or damaged and are very inefficient and tough to analyse.” Keith continues, “our digital workflow platform, WorkfloPlus, has been designed to improve efficiency and provide real data insights for enhanced business performance. We believe that you can accelerate your digital journey by empowering the connected worker, simply by using mobile technology that they use is everyday life.” To keep up in an ever-changing market, how does a company like Intoware compete against competitors? Keith offers an insight in how Intoware is growing and expanding using its products in this industry.“Using digital workflows to replace paper-based processes helps businesses gain greater insights for data driven analysis. At the same time, it ensures standardised, repeatable and right first-time activity.” Intoware’s WorkfloPlus allows businesses to digitise processes and workflows on all forms of hardware, smart phones, tablets and wearable devices. Intoware decided to build an open API platform so users can design, edit, manage and build reports from all the workflows quickly and easily to gain new insights from real-time data capture. However, a business is only as good as it’s product, and the product is nothing without its team of dedicated staff behind it. “Talented people are at the heart of everything we do at Intoware, which is why we launched ‘Contribute Fest’ during the lockdown,” Keith explains. “We encouraged our in-house talent to spend time ‘giving back’ by creating open-source projects and sharing new ideas with software developers around the world.” Running a company is not without its challenges and rarely has this been more true than during the recent pandemic. “The Covid-19 pandemic caused major disruption with volatile demand for essential products, furloughed staff and new safety procedures to follow. It’s no surprise then, that many businesses are looking to technology for solutions. During the lockdown and beyond, our customers have quickly progressed from testing to full scale deployment. This is because the need for digitalisation accelerated, with some achieving outstanding productivity gains of 200% as a result.” Keith continues, “With WorkfloPlus, businesses can capture detailed data on how each process is carried out – unlock the value of existing systems through actionable insights that address weaknesses and inefficiencies.” Clearly the pandemic has had a major effect on many businesses, but for Intoware, it has also presented opportunities, as businesses need to find real solutions for connected workers in a working environment that has had to become more remote and distributed. Keith explains, “We have been able to ride this and seen both our ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and pipeline increase. The main effect on the role as CEO is to ensure continuous clear and open communication to all stakeholders – while that is a normal responsibility, during this time, the frequency has been greater. I have been fortunate in my career to have worked with some great people and great companies (both for and as customers). I intend to use that experience to help Intoware (and others) progress and along the way I will continue to learn how to be a better leader – it is never too late to gain experience.” Keith has worked in the IT solutions sector for almost 40 years and has gained extensive P&L responsibility, experience and growth through both organic and acquisitive means in a fastpaced environment. “In 2019, I was given the opportunity to join as CEO to help accelerate that growth on a day-to-day basis – I jumped at the chance. I believe my experience gained over the years can make real difference, but you need to have the right team with you, all pulling in the same direction. Intoware has a great small team, all pulling the company in the right direction – we are set behind a clear mission and values. It’s a pleasure to work with them,” states Keith. Leadership is about many things, but in the view of Keith, it is about being able to share the vision for the company, having clear values and taking people with you on the journey – that will have its challenges, but be rewarding at the same time. Keith explains, “Any leader of a small start-up understands the day-to-day pressure of business and Intoware is fortunate to have a highly experienced and approachable board plus shareholders who have bought into our vision and support us on that journey.” Company: Intoware Ltd Name: Keith Tilley Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.intoware.com Jun21004