2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 47 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2021 15 , Sep21648 Light At The End The most successful businesses have a clearly defined mission. For Mark Lewin, Zano Controls was designed to develop new technologies that would allow others to effectively dim LEDs. At the time, in 2010, it simply wasn’t possible. His drive, passion and creative vision changed that entirely by bringing the first digital dimmer to the marketplace. It was flicker-free and silent dimming, and the team hasn’t stopped moving forward since. Since then, Zano Controls has broadened its horizons, bringing forth a series of first-to-market products. It’s little wonder that with such exciting innovation at its heart, the firm has been able to revolutionise what is possible within their industry. Bringing new products to market, working through from inception to final release, is not easy. Much of the work at Zano Controls depends on expensive R&D, but Mark’s decision to put resources into this part of the business has been key to its continued success. Technology and innovation lie at the heart of the business. Mark and his Zano Controls product development team are very experienced and are specialists in developing ground breaking products. Their work has become highly regarded by electricians, as well as the electrical wholesalers who offer their products. Currently, Zano Controls is the only manufacturer able to provide a simple solution For people around the world, LED dimming has been a headache in every sense of the word. Mark Lewin decided to do something about it. Since opening its doors in 2010, his firm, Zano Controls, has led the way in digital dimming. Now, as he is named CEO of the Year, 2021 - the United Kingdom, we thought it was time to see howMark and his incredible teamhave been able to achieve such amazing success. for dimming of up to 1,000W/ VA – and beyond – outside of expensive lighting control. Similarly, Zano Controls is the only manufacturer to enable simple dimming from three points on a single circuit. All their products are designed from the outset to set the firm apart from the crowd. It is not only the technology that is unique to Zano Controls. For Mark, the role of marketing has always been vital to securing success in a potentially crowded market space. His firm is one which stands apart in every way. When the COVID-19 pandemic was reaching its heights, Mark increased the marketing significantly and was rewarded with a 20% increase in sales in 2020 when compared to 2019. In every way, Mark and his team have managed to position themselves perfectly within the electrical industry as a unique manufacturer. The challenges of the last few years, namely the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, have created new difficulties for Mark to face. Increased costs and import difficulties are the most obvious. That said, much of the work undertaken by Zano Controls takes place in the UK. All research, product development and product assembly are undertaken within its borders, and this is set to expand to the firm’s plastic moulding capabilities from Q1 of 2022. The nature of the business means that the team is crucial to success. Turnover is incredibly low, with most staff being involved for over five years and many since the firm’s inception. As a close-knit team, they have seen the business through various highs and lows, as well as witnessed it expand from a humble start-up to a larger organisation with all the challenges that that entails. The firm’s constant development has ensured that there is always one eye on what the future will bring to the business as a whole. From the very beginning, Mark has led Zano Controls with impressive skill, overseeing incredible expansion, while guiding it effortlessly through some of the biggest challenges that any CEO could face. Needless to say, his commitment to technology and innovation have been an integral part of securing such success. Under his leadership, Zano Controls has become a brand which symbolises excellence and has proven it has the capacity for growth through even the most difficult of times. Name: Mark Lewin Email: [email protected] zanocontrols.co.uk Web Address: www.zanocontrols.co.uk