2021 CEO of the Year

34 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR , Oct21240 App Innovators Secure Success The power of good applications has allowedmany businesses to thrive over the last few years, connecting with clients and building strong brand identity. The teamat Zero Gravity set a new standard in this field, harnessing creativity and innovation to deliver exceptional services. The leadership of Tariq Al Hosani has been key to this growth, which is why he was named CEO of the Year, 2021 - the United Arab Emirates. We take a closer look to discover more about himand his incredible success. Founded in 2015, Zero Gravity has pushed into new frontiers when it comes to inspiring its customers. As the world of IT and multimedia solutions becomes increasingly more important to businesses, they have grown and developed at an astonishing pace. With new opportunities in this market constantly appearing, it’s clear that their expansion will not be slowing any time soon. Since opening their doors seven years ago, more than 100 successful applications have been launched by the team for a host of clients based both in the UAE and overseas. These apps are based on Android and iOS platforms and are specifically designed to engage their clients with potential customers. Zero Gravity then extended into the media field, establishing a team of experts from the UAE and across the world to create captivating tales to their audiences via traditional and digital media channels. Over the years, the firm has been entrusted with work from various private clients as well as many projects in the public sector including various collaborations with Abu Dhabi Government Department of Community Development, G42 for the UAE Genome Project. To enable them to remain at the forefront of the technological and media developments driving this industry forward, the firm has partnered with esteemed international businesses such as Microsoft, IBM, and Siemens. The team at Zero Gravity also work closely with innovative young people who are just entering into the market. Their bold approach to the technology and media industry can revolutionise the way in which not just Zero Gravity operates, but the market as a whole. The team has often been able to upgrade these concepts into workable SMEs, and later market stars within the economy. The theme of collaboration is one very close to the heart of CEO Tariq Al Hosani. The growth of this incredible company is due in no small part to his desire to ensure that his team are empowered to make the decisions that will serve their clients and their client’s customers to the highest possible standards. Over the years, he has established a team of specialists in the field, able to offer in-depth understanding to everyone of their stakeholders. For every project, no matter what the firm, a dedicated team is formed to deliver results of the highest standards. With web applications able to be found anywhere in the world, it’s vital to success that an international approach is maintained at all times. This ability to trust employees to deliver runs through every part of the company. It pushes everyone in the business to become better professionals and to achieve breakthroughs that have never been considered before. Senior management has been trained to make as unbiased choices, with teammates explaining and discussing situations together to fix any issue that may arise. When everyone is pushing forward in this way, Tariq sees his job as providing everyone with the tools they need to develop and thrive. The results of this strategic collaboration have been immensely positive for the Zero Gravity team, opening the doors to new ideas and fresh innovations in this rapidly evolving market. As employees feel comfortable enough to approach senior leadership, they are motivated to express new ideas that will optimize work for all. When looking to add new members to the team, Tariq seeks employees who will always do what’s right, who can adjust to ensure that projects are done on schedule, and who care about their clients by offering after-sales services. As CEO, Tariq has had to oversee the transformation not only of Zero Gravity, but of how it slots into the digital revolution that is changing the UAE. Organizations of every size in both the private and public sectors can see the need to digitize their activities, and those that are already committed to this, such as Zero Gravity, have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies begin to recover from this world-changing event, they have quickly seen the value in the services offered by the Zero Gravity team. Many new clients have turned to the team in need of apps which will allow users to perform services online more affordably and efficiently. The growth of Zero Gravity, despite the various challenges of the last couple of years, is assured thanks to the astonishing leadership of Tariq. With a staff that is empowered and established, and a clientele that values their efforts, it’s clear that the firm is set on a path of growth. Zero Gravity is currently investing in various industries, with projects launched in the MENA region covering a host of different sectors. This includes the IT and media sector, health sector, agriculture, renewable energy, and banking to name a few. The breadth of demand showcases the need for the team to be constantly pushing forward.