2021 CEO of the Year

32 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 8 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2022 , Oct21188 Access All Areas LH Global is an international service provider with offices across China, Bhutan, Australia, and the United States, as well as the UK. The company predominantly focuses on migration for businesses and high net-worth individuals who are looking to establish themselves in UK territories. With operational capability across Europe and Canada. Aside from immigration, it is very active in international education, providing bespoke tutoring and application services to families and students looking to access schools and/ or universities and provide internships and training to older students or graduates who wish to be competitive in employment. The company also boasts tourism and project acquisition departments and is able to assist western businesses in promoting themselves to the Chinese market through effective social media campaigns, boots-on-ground promotional activities, recruitment, and event management etc. Ryan Henderson is LH Global’s Chief Executive Officer. He tells us, “Our goal is to stand out as a reliable, highly skilled firm which can assist our clients in-house with all of their needs,” Ryan explains. “Our four main business areas are designed to work handin-hand in providing services which we have learned are essential to relocating individuals, families or businesses. In doing so we can assure high quality support, convenience and reasonable cost.” Migration consulting services company, LHGlobal, emerged in 2017 from the merger of two leading firms in the sector. Now, as a powerful business in its own right, LHGlobal is poised to take on the world. Winning CEO of the Year 2021 – London UK, CEO RyanHenderson tells us more about how the firmhas flourished under his watchful eye. It is not unusual for LH Global’s client relationships to span years, and even generations, due to its boutique and individual-focused services and, whilst the firm is very active on various social media channels, its greatest source of new clients comes through word-of-mouth referrals. “This I believe is a measure of our capability and success,” elaborates Ryan. “Our core values remain unchanged across our regions and teams and are shared by all colleagues from day one.” Ryan, who describes himself as ambitious and loyal, has his sights firmly set on LH Global’s victory through providing a high-quality, essential service. Ryan knows that he is “a company man through-andthrough.” He adds, “I am proud to be at the helm of a growing, close-knit and truly international organisation which smoothly operates between regions, regardless of national borders.” As a leader, Ryan has always gravitated towards a relatively laissez-faire style of leadership with the firm belief that, with the right people in place and a democratic environment in which each individual’s voice is heard, people will naturally flourish and find ways to reach their potential. “I am proud of my core teams and expect them to know far more than I do about their areas of expertise,” he enthuses, referring to his staff as the “lifeblood” of the business. “I believe that my role is to inspire and I try to do this by impressing upon all of my colleagues, partners and clients our direction, ability, purpose and values.” In stepping up to the role of global CEO, Ryan has experienced many challenges long the way, however the greatest is the company’s spread of time zones. “The sun truly never sets on LH Global and initially, trying to keep up with communications was daunting. Additionally, the curbing of international travel has been frustrating. I still haven’t visited many of our offices or met in person some of our newest partners. The learning opportunity provided by this though was learning how better to delegate authority and trusting people to know what to do when their CEO is seven hours behind you and fast asleep! For somebody who is used to leading from the front and being very hands-on, this has been an invaluable lesson which will stand me in good stead as we grow in our global footprint.” Recently, LH Global has been assisting overseas businesses to establish a physical presence in the UK and the US and is looking to set up physical offices in at least three more countries over the next two years. It has concentrated its efforts on setting up businesses, obtaining visa sponsorship licences and managing recruitment of staff. It is also actively supporting the UK government’s kick-starter campaign, up-skilling young people who were claiming universal credit and preparing them for the workplace through a unique teacher training programme. Having recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of CEO of the Year 2021 – London, Ryan has his sights firmly set on continuing to provide the same excellent service as the company moves onwards and upwards. Ryan concludes, “My aim is to basically remain dynamic and nimble in order to react to changes in borders, political-economic landscapes and the varying needs of our clients around the world. We are preparing to open new offices in new countries and cities which is both exciting and challenging in equal measures.” Contact: Ryan Henderson Company: LH Global Web Address: www.lhglobal.co