2021 CEO of the Year

20 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 14 ISSUE 1 2022 , Down to Earth Cloud Based Solutions As a company, Performive has been lauded as one of the best and fastest growing technological firms in Atlanta. Over time, it has proven the efficacy and client-focused exemplary service that has made this possible at every turn, all led by the CEO and co-founder Gary Simat. Last year, Gary was accredited with the title of ‘CEO of the Year, 2021’ for Georgia, and is excited to go on to use this, pulling his company, his clients, and his industry in the macro scale towards even greater success by supporting his customers and staff with his signature innovative flair. Performive is a company run by exemplary mind in his field and professional, Gary Simat. As CEO and Co-Founder, he wears many hats within the company, and has been critical in helping it to become the secure, managed, multi-cloud service provider that it is today, one that is trusted by clients in all areas of the mid-market customer base. Based in Georgia, Gary began taking Performive on its journey towards its current success in 2005, building his team from the ground up – a team that today has a total of 100 staff members and operates across 20 Global Locations – in order to deliver secure, cloud solutions with world-class engineering, and exemplary customer service. Fundamentally, Performive has garnered such good will amongst its clients with the attentiveness and diligence of its staff, the hard work of whom allow it to offer ondemand engineering assistance. Additionally, Performive features secure VMware-based solutions through this cloud-based software. Each of its services, the majority of which are sold to mid-sized businesses looking for enterprise-grade solutions that will support the expansions they’re trying to make, have earned it significant notoriety over the years, resulting in the attainment of several accolades and awards such as the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s ‘Pace Setter Award’, earned due to the rapid and sustainable growth it managed to achieve within such a short space of time. This allowed it to springboard on to bigger and better things, using its position as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the metro area – a designation it retained during 2018, 2019, and 2020 – it even earned itself a spot in Inc Magazine’s 5000 list, rating the most prestigiously ranked fastest growing companies in the nation. As a leader, Gary is wellversed in everything about his business, his industry, and the future of both; having earned an in-depth knowledge of the best practices when it comes to running cutting-edge data centres, he has optimized his firm and headquarters for peak global network performance and cloud operations. Furthermore, due to being an entrepreneur at heart, his dedication to continually growing, developing, and changing fuels the passion of the rest of the staff. Each member of his team benefit from his consistent drive and are inspired by his dedication to helping up-and-coming companies to ascertain, incorporate, and utilise the tools they need in order to reach the next milestones they need to hit, ensuring this company’s goal of making the global corporate world a more efficient place is being worked towards. In this way, he also gives back to Atlanta’s start-up scene by being active in Atlanta’s Tech Village, participating in local hackathons and forums organised by the Cape Coral Technical College. Having featured in Forbes for his efforts in business, engineering, and leadership, he prides himself on having a leadership style that adapts to the needs of his team, the market, and the industry, always offering training and upskilling that will allow the staff to remain competitive in their own rights within the technological sector. Thus, its team are self-motivated, technologically minded, and thrive in resolving challenges for customers, each of them having pulled together more than ever over the past year in order to muscle through the pandemic and come out ready to be a cornerstone element of a changing world. Company: Performive Contact: Gary Simat Website: performive.com Nov21341