2021 CEO of the Year

14 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 2 2022 7 , Ken Dawson: Leading IT Solutions The future of IT has lit up with time-saving Cloud solutions and intelligent data analysis that are truly gainingmomentum in today’s world. Here we look towards Ken Dawson, CEO of Mindrover Technology LLC, to see the exemplary work he is doing in the IT industry as he wins CEO of the Year, 2021 – Virginia, the USA. Ever since 2014, Mindrover Technology LLC has been working hard on an influx of IT solutions that have become leading services within the industry. By supplying the best of the IT solutions you need, Mindrover has gained fame for itself. Providing all kinds of services from data analysis to Cloud computing, virtual PBX and desk phones, security services, and web design, Mindrover is at the cutting edge of technology and intricate innovation. Not only does it provide the above, but it also offers software as a service and business continuity services for a sturdy and reliable future of the businesses that it works with. By streamlining the costs of services, Mindrover eradicates hidden costs and unaffordable prices that could inevitably hold back the businesses in question. Having something for everyone, Mindrover provides certainty and consistency within companies so you can rest assured your business is in the right hands. Winning CEO of the Year, 2021 – Virginia, the USA, Ken Dawson has worked his way up from small and medium size clients to large organizations that are in need of some TLC. Ken transformed his experience in credit data analytics in retail banking into the search for important ways to move forward in the world of IT. Graduating from Duke University with an honors degree in Economics and Political Science, Ken decided to follow his dreams and create a career path that would benefit not only himself and his needs, but a surfeit of others. It is obvious that Ken has worked hard for the position he is in, but Dec21286 there is also the factor of being naturally good at what he does. His priorities happen to be helping others to achieve the desired results in their companies, and he works tirelessly to engage with organizations, freelancers, and his staff members to ensure a more technologically advanced future for all. In 2022, Ken is looking to continue helping others in their endeavours. He really does have everything he needs to excel in the world he has built for himself. Rooted in the industry, Ken is a shining example of a CEO that knows how to achieve his dreams whilst helping others to find, love, and achieve theirs. Contact: Ken Dawson Company: Mindrover Technology LLC Web Address: https://www.mindrover.tech/