Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 45 , Technology CEO 2020 (Customer Services): Richard Jordan Imagine walking into your favourite restaurant. Most of the time, the only variable is the waiter or waitress on hand to serve you the tasty food you’ve been longing for. However, this single variable can often determine the lasting experience for many customers. In fact, customer service advisers of any sort can have a significant influence on the customers experience in any establishment; be it a high street retail shop, a chain store or a local supermarket and when providing feedback on the customer service advisors, existing platforms can quickly leave the customer unsatisfied as their feedback becomes lost in a myriad of digital posts and comments. In many cases, the person who should be receiving the feedback is none the wiser about how the customer truly felt and their performance remains unchecked. However, with the Raggit app individual customer service agents in any business can be reviewed on their specific performance with their feedback, reviews and service levels instantly available to all. Raggit is now being used by more than 100,000 businesses across the world and with a growing presence across most industries; Raggit has already been listed as a game-changer by many industry experts. It’s been reported that the customer service industry is Customer service has come a longway in recent years, withmore andmore people able to leave detailed, comprehensive feedback on something that they’ve experienced. That is where Raggit has helped tomake a difference. Raggit is a unique proposition in the customer experience market, as it creates a platformfor customers to deliver immediate, honest and direct feedback to the very customer service agent who served, sold, or serviced them. Under the sage guidance of CEORichard Jordan, the firmhas prospered.We find out how. Jun20026 beginning to see the positive effect that individual staff reviews can have upon their culture and where the simple goal of the Raggit team has always been to create the feedback platform of choice for any customer, this rapid growth is proving that customers and businesses are responding to this model with enthusiasm.Thousands of businesses have already reported radical shifts in accountability and performance, with staff members actively encouraging their customers to review their individual service and this would not be possible without the sterling levels of leadership displayed by CEO, Richard Jordan. A former sniper in the British Royal Marine Commandos, Mr Jordan operated in some of the harshest climates and conflicts on Earth. On top of his combat exploits, Mr Jordan is also a Mount Everest expediter, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker, equipping him with decades of experience in leadership and management consultancy, a history well positioned to lead his team to their vision. Having travelled throughout the world and engaged with societies and communities of all capabilities and cultures, Mr Jordan is more knowledgeable than most around the importance that each person plays in creating a customer service culture and feels passionate about empowering, encouraging and enabling the customer’s voice. Mr Jordan adopts a dynamic leadership style and adapts his approach to match the circumstances and audience involved. Throughout his career, not just in this role as CEO of Raggit, Mr Jordan has also placed great emphasis on his personal authenticity and integrity in all aspects of his leadership, knowing that personal inadequacies are quickly revealed without them. Leading the Raggit team, Mr Jordan actively lives and breathes the Raggit values, and embodies the company mission statement, to ‘Improve Customer Service’. For Mr Jordan, good leadership within the Raggit family means creating great leaders for the future and everyone in the Raggit team is openly encouraged to discuss their capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for personal and professional development. As for Mr Jordan, he continues to be a living example of the Raggit values, including, honesty, integrity, selflessness, customer-centricity, courage, passion, humility, cheerfulness, uniqueness and excellence, the values inherent throughout his impressive military career. Customer service has always been important, but it is becoming even more impactful as growing technology affords greater levels of communication and more and more customers are looking for online reviews before making a purchase. Raggit is improving customer service levels every single day across the world helping to create the community spirit that so many business cultures expect from their workforce. Company: Raggit - the Feedback App Contact: Richard Jordan Website: