Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020

34 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 , Most Innovative Managed Accommodations CEO 2020: Lee Curtis Since its founding, RESIDE has been driven by a bold purpose: to create a more comfortable way to live for the Fortune 500 clients it serves, delivering a managed accommodation program that provides quality, choice, value, and duty of care like no other. RESIDE accomplishes this by leveraging its operational expertise, technology platform, and thoroughly vetted accommodations to deliver a compliant, high-touch, and hyperlocal experience anywhere in the world. The key to RESIDE’s success is anchored in the firm’s relationship- centric, first-class service that focuses on the unique needs of corporate clients, relocating guests, and the relocation or travel management companies facilitating the process. It uses a three-pronged service delivery model to add incremental value, focusing on aggregation, curation, and advocation. By aggregating the best global alternative accommodation options via its proprietary 3SIXTY technology platform, the team at RESIDE curate a personal and local experience that delivers high quality, consistent, and enjoyable accommodations to all guests. The firm also advocates for a reliable, personalized client and guest experience through its award- winning team that is available to assist 24/7. Due to another record year of growth and its exceptional service delivery model, RESIDE was fortunate enough to be named the Corporate Housing Providers Association 2020 Company of the Year (in the $49M+ revenue category). Although, none of RESIDE’s success would have been possible without the visionary leadership and sagacious guidance of CEO Lee Curtis. Mr. Curtis has worked in the hospitality sector for much of his life, beginning as a bellman with Hyatt Hotels in 1983. The corporate housing market has played a factor in his career since 1994, having held a variety of senior management roles ranging from Operations Manager to CEO. Prior to RESIDE, Mr. Curtis served as the President and CEO of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality for fourteen years and was most recently the President of ABODA Global Housing. His career in corporate housing has allowed him to develop as both a leader and an entrepreneur in what has been an ever-changing industry. Mr. Curtis believes that each experience as a leader has built upon the last. It is these experiences, whether it be a success or failure, that drives RESIDE forward. As for his leadership style, Mr. Curtis is both transparent and frequent in his communication with his staff. The business plan is kept simple and uncomplicated, and he encourages his team to work harder than everyone else, do what they say they are going to do, leave it better than they found it, be kind in how they do it, and love what they do. Mr. Curtis has spent his career with kind, honest, trustworthy people, who Curtis claims are often smarter than he is, and have a real passion for what they do. In everything he does, Mr. Curtis learns a valuable lesson and adapts, grows, and creates sustainable plans for the future. RESIDE continues to pioneer in the rapidly evolving alternative accommodation industry. The recent implementations of RESIDE Right as well as their strategic partnership with GeoSure; both born in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, are example of how RESIDE continues to adapt and lead change within the industry. This hard work may require the singular vision that Mr. Curtis provides. Still, it is the team effort and ethic that he has instilled in his workforce that has made each day a roaring success for this group of hospitality professionals. The firm is not yet done innovating and shaping the industry. With its bold vision, surely more success is on the horizon for Mr. Curtis and everyone at RESIDE. Company: RESIDE Worldwide Inc. Contact: Lee Curtis Website: Jun20019 There can be no denying that the traditional corporate housing industry has been in a state of evolution and flux for a few years now. The progress has been driven by the accelerated interest in alternative accommodation globally. In a bid to address this state, Lee Curtis co- founded RESIDEWorldwide in November 2017. Since then, the firm has become a leading provider of professionally operated andmanaged accommodations globally, working with a portfolio of premier hospitality brands and developing an innovative technology platform. We examineMr. Curtis’s role in greater depth to understand his impeccable impact on this industry.